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Late Summer / Autumn Bird Sightings

15 years ago

Yesterday when I came home for lunch I looked out on the patio and saw the usual suspects: Cardinals (OUR Mr. Cardinal too), Mourning Doves, Blue Jays, bunches of LBJs, while the the Downey WPs, Nuthatch, Black-capped Chickadee(deedees) were in the trees and at the feeders.

There was a tiny Kinglet in the tree but too fast moving to make any further ID. Lots of different kind of warblers (I think) but they are usually higher in the trees and I can't see them clearly through the leaves. Lots of Goldfinches too.

Usually the gulls are doing the cruising but yesterday they were replaced by someone much larger! There were sooooo many Turkey Vultures soaring along the coast-line in the afternoon. Just cruising in numbers of 5 to 15 within a group either looking for dead fish or the occasional dead deer.

The Grackles seem to have left. Our beloved Chimney Swifts left some weeks ago. They didn't even say "Bye". The most surprising sighting yesterday was our FIRST Dark-Eyed Junco! Ohhhh, I do love the little Juncos dearly but let me enjoy what left of the summer, please! :-)

What's happening in your garden?

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