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Idyll #353 - The Glowing Orb Idyll

16 years ago

The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within.

William C. Bryant

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  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    For those who were wondering about my day� This was just the getting-everything-arranged day, not the actual treatment. As usual for medical appointments, things were running late... Our appointment was for 12:30 and we finally saw the doctor at 2:30! We are now scheduled for the actual radiation treatment for Feb. 27th. I had to have a blood test before we left - to check to make sure I'm not pregnant!! The fact that I'm 50 and have had my tubes tied does not compensate for the fact that I'm not completely through menopause so, in theory, I could be pregnant...! We saw the doctor, were introduced to the radiation oncologist and then spend time with the nurse who goes through the details of the treatment day. We have to be there on the 27th at 5:45 a.m. Barb will stay overnight here the night before so we can all go in together. Barb will help Randy doing translation for me etc. If you want to see what the Gamma Knife process is like, play the video in the link on the right side of the page linked below. That�s the video they showed us today.

    Re trilliums � it�s definitely a carpet of trilliums!

    Ei � you should be in Casting :-) We love the Stephanie Plum books. They never fail to produce a lot of laughs. I worked with a woman from NJ who reminds we a lot of the Stephanie character. When I read those books, I �hear� Ellie�s voice when Stephanie is speaking. Grandma Mozur is my favorite character � remember when she shot the turkey�? :-)

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Ai Yi-Yi, there are mucho posts today ! Our golden Orb continues to shine , but it was windy as h**l and would not have been an enjoyable day outdoors. How fortunate that I was stuck staring at Excel spreadsheets all day , lol ! I did indeed pay an early visit this morning, but had no coffee at the time , much to my chagrin-I had to present myself to the phlebotomist so I went in late and decided to read Idylls before heading off to the lab. I was on a water only diet till after Ms. Dracula filled her 4 vials. I decided to get everything checked out before I move- It would not do to discover some sort of health issue two days before the moving van pulls up.
    On the home improvement front, we have to push the painting back a few days since my painter is stuck in a job in St Helena that has not finished on time. Not a problem for me since I still have various other issues to address before the domicile is ready for its close-up. Ive really lucked out with contractors that have been involved with this move. They are all very communicative and up-front about their schedules, delays etc.

    So, do you know that as I write this there have been THIRTY posts today ? I hereby absolve myself of responsibility to reply to all !

    Comment on pics: Marians icy winter scenes are quite lovely, and that darn baby with the rosy cheeks ? Hmmph, I bet Mr Baby will be every bit as attractive . Hope he has some hair. And a very pretty shot of yet another dinnerware item from Marie.I can see it filled with some nice Pinot Noir.

    Catalina- I wish every one of you could visit , it is a very unique slice of Southern California. And, there are flying fish ! I have not been in ever so long and hope to go again one day.

    Chelone, I cant advise you to get your butt up and start painting due to the fact that you are probably in the sack by now-6:30ish my time, 9:30ish yours. I can totally relate to the "Oh man, must I paint ???" feelings. But on the other hand once its over for the day I feel good that I actually got something done and of course guilty if I did not (the Catholic thing you know fear and guilt) and stressed out that the project it not finished.
    Re: memories of Mum.. even though its been 4 years since my DH has been gone, things still pop into my mind without warning. Sometimes its a happy memory , others a memory of his sickness and even the events of the day he died. I have come to realize that these will never go away and they are part and parcel of the experience of life. We do with them what we will. They can build our strength , or they they can expose our weaknesses. You my friend, are an individual who I fully expect will build strength.

    bug, I bet we will have one boatload of pics this weekend as Ms Phoebe makes her appearance at Chez Marie !

    Martie, I got the High Country catalog yesterday as well. Have yet to crack it open since I wont be in the market for plants for awhile. I hate that !

    No pansies this year Deanne . I put in couple 6-paks of snapdragons but they wont do much probably till April. I think I will have to bite the bullet and buy some 4 inch pot stuff just so I have some color . It would probably be worth the investment. Need to do it soon though !

    So now Marian, what precisely will you do with your newly acquired jar of Nutella ?

    Wow Ei, I have to admit that I dont recognize many of your casting choices ! However, a few years back I did a recast of Gone With The Wind that I am rather proud of. I have no pics, but here it is , and mind you all these people were quite a bit younger when I came up with this:

    Scarlett OHara..Catherine Zita Jones
    Rhett Butler ..George Clooney
    Ashley Wilkes..Hugh Grant
    Melanie Wilkes..Holly Hunter
    Mammy..Patti LaBelle
    Aunt Pitty Pat Cloris Leachman
    Dr Meade Donald Sutherland
    Belle Watling Kathleen Turner
    Prissy-Micheal Jackson

    Ok this is as far as I can go in Idyllville, I must eat some dinner, do the dishes etc

    Hello to everyone hope you all get to view the Golden Orb in short order .

    Kathy in Napa

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Kathy..thanks for sending me to bed laughing!!! RE: Prissy-Micheal Jackson....ROTFLOL

    I haven't 'cracked' the jar of Nutella yet...:-)

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Wow - over 30 posts!! I too cannot possibly reply to all but wanted to say I enjoyed reading everyones news, updates, photos, casting lists and more. Woody - I'll be thinking of you on the 27th.

    Once you become interested in something it's amazing how much you can learn from the internet. Below is another fascinating link.


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Just a quickie read here.

    Mary, you crack me up! The peppers and now the peep surgery LOL

    My first jar of Nutella has one spoonful missing.

    Ei, I've probably read all the Stephanie Plum books and I loved your picks for the charactors, right on. I get a kick out of Gramma Mazor too, especially when she goes to the funeral home or when she is in a band with Lulu and Lulu picks out their outfits.

    Glad to have Deanne back, I haven't had a chance to check over the container thread, but I will with pen in hand for inspiration.

    The little rosy cheek Valentine is sure one happy guy.

    My little sweetheart called to tell me last night that she is taking swimming lessons. She loves the water. She also told me that she has earrings.

    I must go, I have some stripper ready to remove on a window sill.

    Night all

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Well, that certainly woke me up with a good laugh!
    Kathy, you are a riot! Gone with the Wind was one of my favorite movies and I can't stop laughing picturing Patti Labelle as Michael Jackson as Prissy is just downright creepy! Blech...! But you stepped over the line with Holly Hunter as Melanie! Sacrilegious! And a leering Hugh Ashley Wilkes. Another Blech!

    I'm sorry Ei, but I have not read any of the books you referred to so I am of no help at all.

    Mary...I skipped over your link, thinking it really was surgery, and went back after Michelle's post. Oh my gosh...that was too funny! lol

    Well...Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! I found these two valentines online and just thought they were so cute....

    Love is like a Cabbage

    My love is like a cabbage
 Divided into two,
The leaves I give to others,
The heart I give to you.

    Author Unknown

    Veggie Valentine

You may not "carrot" all for me

    The way I care for you.
You may "turnip" your nose

    When I plead with you
But if your "heart" should "beet" with mine
Forever "lettuce" hope

    There is no reason in the world
Why we two "Cantaloupe"!
    Author Unknown

    I'll be back....


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Good Morning Idylls!

    Just popped in to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Today's another busy day, so I don't think I'll be able to peek in again.

    I'm leaving tomorrow for a little mini-vacation and will be back on Sunday and Sunday I'm taking mom to a play, so I don't think I'll be back to visit until Monday. I decided to take the pics off today, so you wouldn't have to scroll all week-end....well, except for George...LOL!

    Hope everyone has a good day!

    TTYL! Ei

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Oops! That's what I get for not reading before I posted. I was thinking of you Woody, but didn't want to say anything until we heard from you. I didn't realize you posted...I'm so glad you did! Keeping my good thoughts that things will go well for you and I'm so glad you have such a good friend in Barb. Yea, Grandma Mazur is my favorite too! :-)

    Want to stay and chat, but really have to get ready.

    Have a great day all!


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Chocolate is love for many.....


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Paging Dr. McDreamy. Dr. McDreamy, report to ____________.
    Ei, what a lovely memory to have.

    That is so funny about the "dream" casting. I actually submitted a recasting to some pitch-an-idea site on line for a Mary Poppins remake with Cate Blanchett as MP and Johnny Depp in the Bert role. Never heard back...maybe cuz I didn't recast the supporting players.

    Now I can imagine the little mermaid Kenzie, water wings on her arms, earrings dangling. And what a rosy-cheeked rascal Reed is. I do remember the red cheeks when teething.

    Woody, so glad to hear you're not pregnant! Best wishes and positive thoughts for the 28th.

    That's how I remember Catalina is 26 mi. across the sea, from that song. I actually had some depositions a few times on the island, which was fun taking the ferry boat over. Even took the boys once and found them when my work was done on the boardwalk eating ice cream, exhausted from hiking and lugging Mitch's 4x5 Ansel Adamsesque camera over the hills. The gum family, Wrigley, owned or owns most of it and has a botanical garden on the island. Marty actually got a lot of his "sea time" to and fro the isthmus, which is the non-touristy part of the island, where USC kept a marine research facility. He used to operate a boat on the Friday "bun runs" to the isthmus, bringing in supplies, with Mitch often accompanying him as a toddler. I'll have to search for a photo of me with baby Mitch in arms, staring down a Catalina buffalo.

    'bug, I glanced at the video link on your son's work and mean to check it out thoroughly. Fascinating stuff. I kind of see the hybrid influence there, your Peace Corps with your DH's computer sciences.

    Lovely slight drizzle this morning. Those balmy days were giving me spring fever a little too early in the year, possibly causing me, ahem, to get a little behind in my work, which now calls.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Gardenbug.....congratulations on Reed starting to walk! How old is he now? Things will get busier at their house with him moving about. :-) Love those 'bee' glasses. How sweet! I enjoy bees. The monkey sock is really special too. Looks like a craft in the bag? Who is going to do that? What is the lizard on?

    How lucky you are to have computer wizards in the house! I am the most computer literate in the house and it is not nearly enough. I wish the computer industry would follow the example of the auto industry. You buy the car, drive it, put gas/oil/water in at the right times, take it in for scheduled maintenance and sign up with AAA and that is the end of it. You drive it. [g] I would be quite happy to leave the computers to the wizards!

    Your son's job ...he must have had some background for them to give him that responsibilitiy. It is great experience for him too. He must have found it very rewarding to see the video of the kids getting the computers, if he has been working it all out over the Congratulations to him!

    Deanne...Had a chance to look over your container photos. That's a LOT of plants! My favorites....

    June 20,2004..Love the colors of the pansies with that container. July 2, 2005 the red begonia with the dahlia and helichrysum? Very pretty. I'm with Ei on the July 9th begonia being a stunner! August 31st all yellow container is nice. The Sept 27th cabbage and aster together is one of my favorites. Have you decided what you will grow this year?

    Martie...I love the High Country catalog and wish I could grow more of that type of plant. Yes, trying them in containers is a great idea.

    Chelone, hope you have an easier day today. Tell me what you meant by you don't 'get' music? I keep finding myself wondering about it. [g]

    Marian..Hope you are not sore today from all that activity yesterday! :-) You are so lucky to see meadowlarks, I have only seen them on TV. So sorry to hear of your neighbor. Very sad. My Mom was the baby in her family and so she was the last of her family for quite awhile, but she had a determination to be happy and I think she focused more on her children and grandchildren and that kept her from being overcome with sadness with the many losses as she got older. I only hope I can do as well.

    Stephanie Plum books...Janet she the one who did the series of mysteries that were alphabetical?

    Ei, that was a very touching story of your Dad. Two years, is that all it has been? Both your parents sound wonderful. Did you have a very happy childhood? Yes, we used to watch Lawrence Welk with my Mom on occasion. I think it is still on. We actually did a lot together. Jeopardy was another of her favorites.

    Woody...Thanks for that link to the Gamma Knife explanation. It is amazing that they expect you to be able to go back to work in a few days after having it. It is different than what I was expecting. Glad you have Barb and family there for support.

    Kathy...You have just put the Catalina Island on my list of places to visit. Flying fish you say. :-) Kathy, for some reason I thought it had been a long time ago that your husband passed. Four years is not that long. your granddaughter is already in Florida? Is it a vacation at this point?

    Denise...Looking forward to seeing your Catalina photo. It sounds like your husband grew up on the water, did you as well?

    Well...I think I did through the whole Yes, I am avoiding the computer decisions this morning. [g] My daughter is due back from her vacation on Saturday and I will have to give up her nice MacBook. :-( My computer has a broken hinge so I can use it, but not on my lap anymore. So it is a real pain. Investigation into fixing it yesterday determined that it will be too expensive. We were thinking of keeping the old one for my DH to connect to work and buying an Apple, but now that won't work out. My DH suggests we buy two and my frugal nature is balking at that. Plus it doesn't make much sense to have two computers to take care of when the whole point is to have fewer computer issues. So, my only other alternative at this point is to go look over the laptops at the Lenovo site once again. So I am dragging my feet, having gotten too comfortable with the idea of getting the Apple.

    Valentine's Day chocolate recipes. I am not going to have a contribution. Having some digestive problems so no celebration tonight. Maybe on the weekend?

    Wishing everyone bowls of chocolate and fragrant bouquets of flowers....


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Drive by! :)

    "... have any of you heard about or purchased lectures from "The Great Courses"?"

    Someone put this catalog on my desk last week and recommended the courses very highly. I have several picked out to order!


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi Jerri! Stay tuned for new puppy photos next week! ;)

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Oh boy! I need a 'puppy fix'. Haven't had any for a little while. I can't wait!


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Whew! finally got all of those posts read. I'm afraid to think what you all will do while I am gone for four days. :)

    I was planning a nice response to all but my mood is not good right now. The latest college shooting has struck just a little too close to home. My son attended NIU for a semester, my daughter went to theater camp there for several summers, the NPR station that I listen to is based on campus and lots of kids from our community attend there. My son has checked in with his friends and all are well. I haven't heard from my daughter yet but I'm hoping that no news is good news.

    Well, life goes on and we are off tomorrow morning to Vegas for a long weekend. we found out this afternoon that a friend's son is getting married in Vegas Sunday afternoon, so we have an invite to a Vegas wedding! That will be a first for me.

    Stay warm, stay well and don't go through three idylls while I'm gone.

    And Michelle - get that stripper off the windowsill before she slips and hurts herself.


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I spent the day buried in Excel again and dont know if I can spend too much time looking at this computer screen ! The weekend approaches and I have it booked up with chores-mostly exterior to take advantage of rain free days while they last.

    Re-castingPM2, I have had numerous objections on the part of some friends to my selection of Holly Hunter as Melanie.I stand by it though! Im willing to substitute William Hurt (20 years ago) as Ashley, but only if he can come up with the right accent. And how about Charles C Reilly as Charles Wilkes ???
    Denise , Johnny Depp as Bert ! Love it ! I wonder if Cate Blanchett can sing ? Might have to get Marni Nixon out of mothballs (If shes even still with us) .

    Ei, enjoy your getaway . What a sweet story about your Mom and Dr McDreamy ! I want to go to Cynthias house too ! If Im ever in the neighborhood Ill let you know ! She wont turn us away if we bring cocktails and chocolate, and presents for the fur kids ,

    Nice to see you Jerri !

    I wonder if a faux Elvis will attend Vs Las Vegas wedding event this weekend ?

    Ok, my eyes have had it with the computer screen for awhile..

    Kathy in Napa

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    {{gwi:149805}}Chelone! Happy Birthday!!! I know this is a simple sage and bay leaf, but I just love the colors, and buy that sage every year. It makes me feel happy just to look at it. I hope you like it. The bay is in my basement right now under lights, and it is about 3 feet tall. Hope you are feeling better. It was sunny here today, and it made a huge difference to me.

    Sue, I am thinking of you often. I am hoping everything comes up roses for you this year:) You know if I can ever be of help, I'm here for you. Cracked me up with jazzylicious. Did you interview her? Or him?

    Mary, the peeps surgery was hilarious. I sent the link to my kids. You are too funny! I am so impressed with all you do.

    Ei- it is so nice to *see* you again!

    Woody, you are in my thoughts. Your strength is amazing.

    Michelle, I read about Kenzie possibly moving. Your typing almost made me cry too.

    V. You had the same thought I did a bout Michelle's stripper. Glad to know someone else had the same image I did:)

    Denize- I don't know if I have ever mentioned it, but I think your son's photos are gorgeous.

    Okay, now that I checked Chelone's BD pic, I can't go back and forth to see what everyone wrote, to comment. Anyway, I am determined to post here, and am going to send this anyway. Things are coming along here, the job market isn't very good, I have decided I am going to go with the flow and not panic about it yet. Things happen for a reason, so I just have to be patient and see if I can figure out what that might be. I do have a sort of funny story. Last week on garbage pick up day, I looked out the window and told Skip that BFI must have been impressed with our recycling efforts, we must be one of their best recyclers, because they left a big blue trash can on wheels in our front yard. Then I went to the grocery store and saw that they left one in every yard in town.:) Apparently this is our new trash can system, and we are only allowed the one can. If we can't fit our trash in that, we have to pay extra. I have to say that everything fit in there tonight, but I am glad they didn't send us that when the kids were home. We always had more than anyone else around:)
    That's about it from me. I babysat Charlie tonight so the kids could go around the corner to the pizza house for Valentine's Day. First time they have gone on a date since he was born. He is so sweet!

    Hi to everyone!


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I was just about to post on the Charlie thread, so am happy for the update Drema!

    Kathy and V, my vet married her husband in Vegas...with Elvis... after attending a conference there. She's a hoot as you can imagine. Unfortunately, her husband died of cancer very suddenly. She kept the practice going, remodeled the building, then married the contractor. Turns out she was pregnant, though no one could tell. [Just like Woody ;)]

    Marian, so sorry to hear about your neighbor's woes. I hope things are easier for them in town.

    DH bought a huge rich chocolate cake today while we were shopping at the grocery store. He said it was for me. Later I figured out that it was me paying for it, LOL. UGH, it is so rich....

    Remembering Deanne's great yellow flowered container. Maybe I can try to make a similar one this summer?

    For those of you with any fondness for kids, the following brought us lots of smiles. Fun to see real belly laughs!

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    V, I just saw the headlines on the NYT then checked in here. What a horrifying situation in general, even more so for you with your family's personal connections to the univ. Hope you break the bank in Vegas, a place I haven't been to in many a year.

    Drema, thanks, I'll tell Mitch you like his photos. I love that sage which does well in a pot here but always succumbs to some soil issue planted in the ground. We're on the one-size-fits-all trash can program too but occasionally "piece" off our trash guys to handle occasional excess. Hope that job mkt sorts out soon for you.

    Well, I met Dr. McDreamy today, the witness in today's depo. One of the female attys, in a low-cut sweater, kept leaning over the table to point out stuff on exhibits, and the poor man finally lost his composure, knocked over his water bottle on the exhibits and nearly on my laptop too. PM2, I'm using a Lenovo T60p for work, which has fan issues and the battery expired last week after only a year. I guess the batteries have to be purged every month, something I don't do since I rarely use the battery but there have been battery recalls for some Lenovos recently. I'm obsessed enough to stop total strangers in Starbucks to ask how they like their Lenovos -- last guy, an engineer, gave big thumb's down, mainly it seemed over the keyboard configuration (tho I did notice he had gorilla hands). Other than the fan/battery, my Lenovo has been a workhorse. My last Toshiba had that problem with the monitor lid hinge you describe. I completely sympathize, it's no fun laptop shopping, and now with Vista...ugh. I think the plant you asked about is probably Echevaria agavoides.

    Nice to see you check in, Kathy, and thanks for the head's up re Portland's property taxes, definitely something to keep in mind. That 35-40 inches of rain apparently is not to everyone's liking but sounds like heaven to me. Nite all.

  • 16 years ago
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    Happy Valentines Idylls

    As you can see I've become completely addicted to needle felting and have made a whole menagerie for little Iris. The one problem being I start these after the children go to bed and become so absorbed I'm up to the wee hours. The way the wool felts together by simply poking with a needle is so very satisfying. Here are a couple of my favorites (postal donkey and rabbit with doughnut.) The book I have is brilliant - who else would have thoguht of making a basket full of donuts for a rabbit.


    Annie and David had a great time at school with chocolate a plenty so I'm saving making my favorite cheesecake marbled brownies for the weekend. Photo and recipe will follow.

    Hi and a big wave to everyone - nice to see Jerri pop in. I agree, we can never have too many puppy pictures.


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    PS Thank you for leaving the picture of George yum yum Clooney up Ei!!

    Hi Drema - its always a treat to hear from you too:0)


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    (I'd take postal donkey over Clooney any day. Lucky Iris!)

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Mary, my eyes focussed on the little brown dog right away! He's so alert and bright eyed. Love the ears.

    Tomorrow at this time we'll be on the road to collect Phoebe.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago


    Thanks all for your support and well wishes on the personal front. Things seem to be progressing smoothly.

    Work craziness is starting to wind down just a bit. I'm really looking forward to the CT Flower Show and Deanne's party next weekend. To get my mind off winter I've been researching little weekly cottage rentals on the CT shore. I found a couple of great prospects and will be taking a drive this weekend to check them out. For years I've been wanting to do a summer beach rental. Looks like this will be the year.

    Hi to all!


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Good to see you Sue. Thanks for mentioning the cottage at the shore for the summer, it reminded me I wanted to make a try to look for something this summer too. I think this winter is going by so fast. I can't believe the flower shows are coming up so soon. I received tickets to the Boston Show for a Christmas gift which I am looking forward to. I haven't gone in a very long time. Glad that things are going smoothly for you.

    Gardenbug....good luck today!

    Mary....I just love that Postal Donkey!

    Hello to Drema and Jerri...Jerri did you see the earlier posts about the Great Courses in this thread?

    denise....Thanks for telling me about your Lenovo T60. I just got a quote yesterday on the T61. Sounds like you have been your own little research I watched some of the promotional videos on their site yesterday and if anything they do seem to be amazingly sturdy. I normally would be quite happy to be shopping for a new computer, but this time around it is not fun. Vista is one of the reasons. Once I make up my mind and order I am sure I will be happy to get a new machine.

    An Echevaria...just love it! I have a small patch of Sempervivum that are hardy here along the top of a short wall which we enjoy and wouldn't one of those look good with them! I am sure they are far from hardy though.

    Kathy....William soon as you said his name, I could really picture him in it. Maybe because he has done so many period pieces....accent sometimes a problem for him though. I thought of two more to consider...Jude Law/Clive Owen as Ashley. I didn't really like Scarlett, I loved Melanie, making it harder to think of anyone else in that role. I racked my brain and although inadequate still, all I could come up with was Jaclyn Smith as Melanie. Nowhere near a good enough actress for it but something about her makes me think of her. I had a good laugh thinking of Whoopi Goldberg as Prissy. And sorry, I just can't get on board for George Clooney as a replacement for Clark Gable. Or Catherine Zita Jones as Scarlett. They are a good try, don't get me wrong. I can see where you are coming from. Clooney definitely has the charm but I don't think he has the strength that Gable brought to the role. Zita Jones has the fiery spitfire and the looks but something missing that I can't put my finger on. Really, who could fill those roles? I really hope they never make a remake. But in fun, for some reason I keep finding myself thinking of...

    Matthew McConaughey as Rhett
    Nicole Kidman as Scarlett


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    This Idyll is zipping by so fast and the week has been such that I've not been able to keep up.

    V, I hope all your daughter's acquaintances and friends are alright. Devastating that people are doing all of these shootings. Words fail me at the depth of anguish the shooters are causing so many innocent lives and families.

    Mary, more wonderful creations from you! I bought a book about 6 months ago about how to needlefelt animals. I looked for the book for a long time after seeing it mentioned somewhere. There is a gray & white dog (Miniature Schnauzer?) on the front cover. I've not bought the supplies yet to try my hand at it. You do an excellent job at making everything you do look perfect.

    I hope things are going well for Honey & her DH.

    Babies are down for a nap but I hear lots of giggling and movement in the bedroom (jumping up and down it sounds like). Oh great, I just heard "uh-oh" wonder what they are doing? LOL They cannot get out of their beds (yet?) I know all is okay. I bet socks, covers, snuggle toy have all be tossed to the ground.....sigh. Hopefully they will fall asleep soon. I thought they were ready when I put them to bed....rubbing eyes and yawning. Somehow they found a reserve of energy......

    Weekend weather is suppose to be lovely. High near or at 60. I've done some weeding in the front curvy bed in prep for plant purchasing....wonder how busy the nurseries will be this weekend? LOL I did not finish doing the bed edging/trenching last spring so will maybe work on that. I did not do it right, it just doesn't look like what it should. I did buy the half moon spade thingy that Sue suggested, but I'm doing something wrong.

    Well, there is too much noise going on......guess I'll go try saying 'nitey-night' to them again and laying them down.......yeah right that will work...maybe I'd better just wait it out.

    Hope all are doing well even though the weather has been so awful for most of you.


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I must be the only one without a date tonight. Dr. McDreamy didn't show up....He must be visiting one of you instead. It is supposed to be -2F too. Cottage life on the shore loses its appeal for me at those temperatures Sue...but I'd be happy to visit in June.

    Poor kitties don't realize this is their last night minus a dog. Poor puppy doesn't know what a cat is yet either. ;) Should be a fun evening tomorrow night! I guess we'll be back to yellow snow around the farm.

    Bet Deanne is in full preparation mode for the big nose thumbing event! Get your cameras ready ladies. I'd love to be there!

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I think the best economic stimulation package would be to send a GPS out to every US citizen. I know, how parochial of me, but GPS makes me happy and I don't get lost anymore. Click the little yellow triangle and route around the traffic jams, click 'home' and there I go. 'Tis wonderful mood enhancer and everyone would go shopping and stimulate the economy! Of course there's that fuel thing. Well. My ideas aren't any worse than the politicians'.

    Mary, your little wild felt kingdom is intriquing and fun. May I request a quarter next to future pics so that I am sure to enjoy the scale :) I need to google 'felting' as I'm not sure what you start with and how it evolves. I particularly like the seal - maybe because it's all white!?

    Did I miss Chelone's disclosure of the color of the salon?

    'Bug where are the pup pictures. It's today right?

    I have three tiny yellow blooms on the forysthia on the mantel. My bonus time is now spent checking for forsythia blooms in the three vases. (I check the mouse traps in attic after that.) A new bloom and a dead mouse in the same day would be a high. How many days until spring?

    I did get an order in to Select Seeds this week, and probably will order some more basics this week-end from Hudson's and Parks and Swallowtail. I decided to order some Tuberose bulbs from SS. Does anyone grow them? I've heard about them for years, and they're tender so will have to dig in fall, or maybe grow in pot. (These are probably the weeds Kathy is so busy pulling.)

    A long week-end again! I have plans for every day, so should be tidying and cleaning this morning.

    Hope all are well! Best, Cynthia

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I'm back! Started my shopping at Swallowtail Seeds (sans GPS) where I generally buy annual seeds. Have to look around a bit and found something new to me in the perennials section: Chiastophyllum oppositifolium 'Solar Yellow.' I'm attaching a link to another site which has a good description and photos. I think this is quite a find, with evergreen/succulent leaves and very gracful petite fronds of yellow flowers. On the short side and takes shade. Ok, Hudson's is expecting me next.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Coffee with the Idylls this morning, but where is everyone? Can Cynthia and I be the only persons with Idyll time today ? Cynthia, that is a very cool web site that you linked to above-I can see I need to spend some time there to continue to obtain information of interest to the PNW gardener.

    And as far as tuberoses go, that is one plant that I have never had success with. All Ive ever gotten is foliage, no flowers .

    Awaiting tales of puppies , Salons, and other weekend activities.

    Kathy in Napa

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    It's PUPPY DAY!

    I have to finish my painting before I indulge in any Idyll chatter. (Priming the stairwell wall and have to set up and inch out on stageing... gulp).

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Any puppy pictures yet? Awaiting the new fur baby. :)

    Our 'winter storm' was a real letdown since it's above freezing today. I'm going to the store to buy healthy food so I can get moving on my new way of eating. DH has requested pizza and chocolate chip cookies. I'm about ready to chew off my arm as it is...


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Meet Phoebe, also known as Phoebe Snow.

    She's very playful and affectionate already, but lonesome for her family. She has never been outside before, but seems to like the snow, even eating some! She has been in her crate, eaten food, drunk water. A good girl. She's expected to lighten to a more grey colour. Did you see her small white beard? She wiggles her little tail whenever she sees us.

    I expect trouble soon! ;)







    I'm quite busy (!) so who knows what's for dinner...besides dog food.

    Do you know about the fictional Phoebe Snow? I used to take the train from Buffalo to NJ to visit my Nana. Check out the post cards on the URL below.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Several comments had found me laughing out loud; but V.'s advice to Michelle about getting the stripper off the windowsill before she slips takes the cake. Still laughing over that one... hahaha.

    I listened to NPR this morning at noted the end of Polaroid's "instant" film... I instantly thought of Mitch., Denise! How big is the pilot boat Martie captains? They take one of the tugs out to deliver the pilot to the freighters. We keep a marine radio in the shop to entertain us. Fisherman's chatter, foreign captain's voices calling for the pilots, and then the pilot's directions to the captains of the tugs... interesting stuff. A few years ago we took a field trip and went out on one of the tugs to take a freighter "out to see"... I am truly amazed at the ballet that is handling such behemoths... and what we see is NOTHIN' like the size of the vessels in LA.

    I don't know about GPS as an economic stimulus package, Cynthia. I rather like maps, getting "off the trail", and meeting nice people who help you out and sharing a chuckle over you silliness. But your idea ISN'T any more foolish that politians' ideas! Snap us a shot of the Forsythia, 'K?

    I have smiled at remembrances of deceased parents and those who are ageing. It's definitely a reminder of how fleeting and precious life is/can be. I like we've shared those stories here. Every death of someone we love increases our reflection and I think you're right, Kathy, about how death can shape you for the future. When I feel the lowest and most overcome with regret for silly little things I am able to understand that those feelings are temporary and normal. Nothing tempers the spirit and soul like adversity and pain. And, in a similar vein...

    When I heard of the dreadful shootings in Illinois I immediately thought of V.. I find the violence shocking, but I have to say I was even more appalled by what I saw on NBC news. The footage of the reporter and camera crew knocking on the door of the gunman's father sickened and embarrassed me so that I fired off an angry e-mail to NBC. Yes, by all means cover the story... THAT'S news. But to accost a bereaved parent, reeling from the shock not only a child's death but also the horror his last act has wrought for so many, is beyond the pale. It is the height of cruelty, disrepect, and demonstrates a lack of compassion that turns my stomach. And it's NOT news. Anyone who has experienced the suicide of a loved friend or family member winces when such callousness is presented on network TV.

    'bug, I fear you are going to be completely out of control now. :) An increasingly mobile grandchild AND a puppy? we're doomed forever to perpetual cuteness here in la petite ville d'Idyll. LOL. I love the Empire motif glasses; p'raps I ought to send you shopping for me?

    Mary, your attention to and love of minutiae is breathtaking. Mum would have loved every bit of it... ditto her long deceased aunts! There were not many moments of idleness in that home, either. Tatting, quilting, knitting/crocheting, painting, tole work, carving dolls... . I so appreciate your droll sense of humor. :)

    PM2, I know nothing about music. Except that I really, really like it! And I have a confession to make: I always LOVED Lawrence Welk as a kid! I loved The Jackie Gleason Show, too. I was the youngest kid in my extended family... by 7 years. I basically grew up with adults and "siblings" that were considerably older than I. I loved the costumes, dance numbers, and the songs on LW. They were familiar to me. And, our local PBS station reruns LW on Saturday night... some of the shows are very "dated" and are humorous for that reason. But, MUSICALLY, the Lawrence Welk Orchestra is FLAWLESS and when you factor in the VARIETY of musical styles they feature... . Clearly, this non-musician grew up listening and appreciating really good quality music. The helpmeet and I just finished watching it, as a matter of fact! :)

    I also love Phoebe Snow's voice! (is there an "e" on Snow?). Lovely, soulful vocals...

    I put the second coat on 2 1/2 of the Salon's walls today. I also braved the stageing and primed the stairwell, so I may apply the first coat of the color to it tomorrow. Have you ever started something and thought to yourself, "maybe I shouldn't be doing this; it's dangerous and I'm alone here if something bad happens...". That's how I felt today as I set up the stageing and nervously inched my way out onto it. I finished the job just as the helpmeet pulled his bigrig into the garage and quickly confessed my somewhat rash course of action. He'll be home tomorrow for my next "high wire" act.
    Your's truly on the stageing:
    The view from the stageing to bottom of the stairwell:
    Basic wall color study relative to ceiling:
    Not a great shot of the wall color:
    First bank of lights in the "NASA clean room":

    Woody, your link to Gamma Ray makes it sound so easy. A veritable "breeze". Yeah, LIKE HELL! I'd be scared to death and I think you are one of the very bravest people I've yet to encounter in the "virtual world". Is "lift off" the 27th. or the 28th.? Now you are in my thoughts and I'll be pulling for you in whatever small way I'm able.

    Martie, no final inspection yet. The furnace has been wired and fired, but the trunk of the ductwork has yet to be installed. Helpmeet wants to finish installing the lights first. He has not had much fun doing it... I'm an equal amount of fun locating CRI 98 flourescent tubes...

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    Weeding today was a smashing success-once I went out and started I realized that the soil was in that perfect state between wet and dry that enhances the process. Front garden is done and mulched, tomorrow is the back.
    Sue mentioned the beach vacation rental- my family and I are going to rent a house on the Oregon coast (Yachats) for the 4th of July this year. My BIL found an oceanfront 4 bedroom that takes pets. If Im still in Napa, DS and I will drive up.

    bug Ms Phoebe is way too cute ! I wish you a good nights sleep how do the kitty folk feel about the invasion ?

    Chelone, I salute your brave straddling of the scaffolds over the yawning stairwell hole. My painting has all been done on ladders resting on solid ground. I heard the blurb on Polaroid this AM on weekend edition too.. such magic that was in the day, even though the pics were pretty awful quality wise. Can you imagine Deannes bird pics taken with an Instant Camera ? And your observation on the network reporting of the shootings in Ill is precisely why I no longer watch TV news.

    Time for dinner

    Kathy in Napa

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I love the colours Chelone! I have a friend who has a third tone added to a similar scheme...but I can't remember, maybe a yellow? The lighting is fantastic. I no longer am able to even think about the scaffolding. At 65 it is now time to hire someone.

    We too like maps....but also toys. So GPS is used in the field, but not yet on the road. I remember lots of fun though with David B and Jim at V's Idyllunion. "Silicon Sally" was very annoyed with us for stopping for breakfast along the way...tried to get us back on the "correct path".

    And this too Chelone!

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Phoebe is home! Like V.'s expansive digs, I can't imagine a better place to be a dog. Lil' Phoebe hit the jackpot.

    Love the chiastopyllum, which is one of those diminutive edgers like Saxifraga fortunei, probably capable of weed-like growth in the PNW. I'd even settle for the plain old London's pride saxifrage but no go here. At a nursery today I saw a massive, sclary-sagish plant in a large pot, but with very unsalvia-like flwr buds with blue just peeking thru. Turned out to be plain old Borago officinalis, which I only know thru books that always scornfully add "coarse" in the description. Maybe Martie's grown it. I brought one home and can't wait til it gets massive.

    Chelone, fabulous "cool" colors, green and steely blue, ones I use often, great foundational colors that set off just about every other color. I heard the same NPR report today running errands and offhandedly mentioned it to Mitch -- and immediately wished I hadn't. You'd think I punched him in the stomach. Devastated. Have I backed the wrong horse? he says, and tells me of the founder of Polaroid, Mr. Land, taking a photo of his 8-yr-old daughter at the Grand Canyon. Daughter says, Daddy can I see the picture now? Papa Land says, No, of course you can't, you have to wait for it to be developed first...then the lightbulb goes off and he gets the brainchild for the instant, tear-off film.

    Marty's boat is just 50 feet, a newer and faster pilot boat. I enjoy the harbor radio talk too. One of the more memorable exchanges was a Norwegian boat captain coming into port, frantic, declaring there was a "veil on my bow." Much confusion until the Norwegian accent was deciphered to reveal the sad news that he'd arrived in port with a limp whale astride the bulbous bow of the ship. Yes, such collisions do happen.

    Kathy, that peel-apart film is what lots of photographers use to see if their "set-up" is going to fly before they take the final photo. Annie Leibovitz still tests with the Polaroid peel-apart, or maybe she's gone digital too by now. It also has a negative that can be developed, unlike the instant film marketed to consumers. Mitch hasn't used the tear-off in about 6 mos since it's prohibitively expense, about $5 a sheet, but now will be nonexistent after 2009 ;( And I wonder if your BIL could recommend a nice Portland neighborhood that's not terribly overpriced yet? We don't mind working class, just not outright dangerous ;-)

    Here's a photo Mitch took yesterday, kinda the Joey Ramone look.{{gwi:149829}}

    I'm this close to getting GPS. I Mapquest all my jobs but neglected to check directions for a job at LAX last week because I "knew" where it was. One of those crazy north/south streets where the numbers make no sense. I ended up having to call home for a navigator to talk me through.

    No, I won't bring up what it's like to see Phoebe Snow sing in her prime, knowing how she left her career to care for her sick child...I bet her baby heard some sweet lullabies.

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    How nice to meet you Miss Phoebe! You are beautiful and smart too. You are so lucky. You will have a good life. :)
    Kiss your new Mom and Dad and be nice to the kitties...


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I wonder if there was a lot of lonesome whining at 'bug's house last night. Why didn't you get two, so they could keep each other company? ;) It will be fun to get the full report this morning. Those little shoe button eyes and the disorganized wiggle and wobble will entertain you for hours. I do, however, counsel you to administer her first beating s quickly as possible... so she "knows who's boss". (nice to see Jerri materialize at the mention of a puppy, too).

    I marvel at the concept of weeding in February. We're some months away from that here in our NE coHnah of the country. I slept late this morning and can see a bright horizon at 6 AM. The "glowing orb" is gilding the horizon as I look over my shoulder, though it won't surmount the pine trees for the better part of half an hour. We have a gang of Robins that have been hanging around for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday, the helpmeet directed my attention to the big maple in the front yard and there must have close to 20 of them hanging out in it. Evidently, they've discovered the manifest delights of Holly berries; taking turns flying down to it and feeding while the rest keep watch for danger. Like you, Marian, we don't generally see the birds that like the wide open spaces. I've also noted the springtime "glow" on several of the trees and shrubs, notably the red maples and the highbush blueberries. It's very subtle, but it's there and coupled with increased sunshine I can see that things are moving toward spring. Only a New Englander can look out on mid-February's frozen landscape and think that way, lol (and they label us "tacituHn"). Go figure.

    I very much enjoyed the link to Phoebe and Linda's duet. And I recalled that Phoebe nearly gave up her career to care for her very disabled child (a daughter, I think). I also recall hearing her distinctive voice on several commercial "jingles" over the years; a convenient way to continue singing for someone who cannot tour. I always loved her cover of "Let The Good Times Roll", too. Such a talented woman!

    How do you know your helpmeet loves you? This is how. Last night I discovered a rather large pile/pool of cat vomit next to the bed. A cursory glance revealed an ammalgamation of jack mackerel and roughly 1/2 of some sort of rodent. I'm not particularly squeamish about such things and went to the kitchen to find the small squeegee and the dustpan we keep on hand for such eventualities. No could find... I asked the helpmeet where they were... no could remember or find. He lovingly mopped it up with the "icky sponge" and even spritzed the area with disinfectant to neutralize the fishy smell... now THAT'S love and commitment, my friends. ;) ("my baby don't have to step in puke!").

    I think it's nearly time to go out and fire up the space heater. I'm actually excited about seeing the space all the same color! I'm really liking the wall color, too. It's a real departure for me, actually. I like color, but generally go for those shades that are more muddied and not quite so clear, I also tend to go for deeper shades on the color card (usually mid-bottom of the range). When I selected the color I actually chose one step lighter knowing it could be deepened a step if I wanted. I have chosen "pearl" finish so there is some lustre to it after it dries. The preliminary color study shot is more representative of it than the darker picture of it.

    Well, no one is awake yet, so I'm going to fire up the space heater, tackle the dishes, and formulate my plan of attack for the day. I'll be looking for a cute overdose in a bit, 'bug... :)

  • 16 years ago
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    Oh my, Chelone! Your scafolding over the stairwell makes chills run down my spine!!!! I hope you NEVER try that again! Next time, run the planks even with the floor and put a sheet of plywood over it to cover up the 'hole'. Put a step ladder on the plywood. I hate to disillusion you about the early dawning. In exactly 3 weeks it will be pitch black out at 7 AM by the clock! The cursed time change begins March 9th.

    I don't have time to post more right now, but just had to tell Chelone that....

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I too marvel at weeding in February.

    Morning report:
    Phoebe went to bed in her crate at 11PM. She fussed for 30 seconds and was heard no more...until 4:30AM. I took her outside then, but she simply wanted companionship it seems. At 6:45 we repeated the venture. She heard the owl, we saw half a rabbit and heard other birds as well. She did her business in the designated spot. Hugs lavishly given. Back inside we went to my study where she had TWO accidents. She had warned me, but I don't yet speak her language. My fault, so no beating Chelone.

    A nap sounds like a great idea already at 8:30am!

    Watch this!

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Marian, the scaffolding is very safe. It's comprised of 2 2x12s supported by good step ladders (there is virtually no "bounce"). But it's kind of creepy to be out on a "catwalk" anyway. The staircase has a landing and turns a corner so there is no way to span the opening without scaffolding. And even though the ceilings are "only" 8' high, I can't reach ceiling height to cut in the paint without raising the scaffolding. Damned if I do, damned if I don't; I really like EXTENSION poles for paint rollers, though. And I won't be alone today or tomorrow when I venture out on it.

    I'm with you on the time change, Marian. I think because I am "a Lark" morning light is more important to me than light later in the evening. People are shocked/amazed that I automatically wake up at 4:30 AM (I don't need an alarm clock and do it all year long), and have no trouble at all "functioning" so "early" and in the dark! I find the "spring ahead" thing a harder adjustment than the "fall back". By the time we "save daylight" my own rhythm is already set to the natural advance of springtime. And then some knucklehead "goes and fouls it up". I am reminded of a dairy farmer in NH who refused to change his clocks... doing so screwed the cows up... milking schedules must be adhered to, lol.

    OK, the scaffolding awaits and I have a lot to do today.

  • 16 years ago
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    The sooner you administer the PREVENTIVE beating, the better, 'bug.


  • 16 years ago
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    The glowing orb is veiled in clouds at the moment, and we are in for a repeat rain performance. Anyone care to name the newly created, as of Feb 14, lake at the park?


    The day was truly balanced by this arriving at work -- four plants for the four missed years (Valentine's Day was a former wedding anniversary for Rich) and the rose for this year. Instant container garden!!


    I'm in love with Phoebe, already. I'd bet she and Reed would understand each other's signals :-)

    Yes, Denise, I've grown Borage for years and years and particularly like the fact that it gives a great blue punch right after Baptisia ends. Mixed with light pink roses, it is stunning. A friend uses it with lime green and it has a very cosmic affect if that's what you like.

    Well, Mary, you have been deemed Queen of the Small in my mind :-)

    V: I thought of you immediately when I heard about NIU. There's just not much to be said ... yet another blowup in the face of a very failed US mental health system. I so feel for ALL the victims, here, and abhor the way the media is handling this. But, love Las Vegas and the time there and be grateful for that ability.

    Chelone: I'm with Marian on the scaffolding!!!! Jeeez! Knowing what pics to computer does to my colors, I'm imagining the real color of the Salon. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh is my first response. I think our DH's would like each other :-)

    Sue - Good to see you check in. A weekend at the beach sounds like a perfect respite.

    Michelle: It's all been said. LOL Must admit I read it twice and then realized that Kenzie was right there and, well, could just imagine the mindset while typing along :-)

    T: I'm still glad they giggle, despite the interruption of Idyll time. Remembering that horrible thump sound the first time Ky escaped the crib .... bed was in place the next day :-)

    'bug: Meant to mention that your mention of DS's affiliation with Haiti is one of the most incredibly honorable things I've heard about in a long time. Since I spent several weeks at Ecole St. Vincent in Port-au-Prince, and at a now-defunct school in Cap Haitian, please send him all well wishes from me on behalf of every child in the country.

    Kathy: And the beat goes on .... You've gotta be getting all kinds of excited! When is your last day of work?

    Cynthia: Thanks for that link! Select Seeds is 20 minutes from me -- want to come up for the June clear off the benches sale? Met a gorgeous Greyhound yesterday who saw a rabbit in our backyard (he was on a leash being walked but is a very big dog) and took off. Leash flew out of hand [with explanation that owner practically broke a wrist with the same situation and now just lets go if that happens.] Voooooooom. 0 - 20 in no time flat, I'm sure. But -- he came right back with a stern "Prone!!!!! [drop to ground] Come!!!!! [butt wagging saunter back to owner]. They are, indeed, amazing animals.

    Thanking of everyone's goods, bads and indifferents, and hopeful that the Orb hits everyone in some way or another.


  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    You pushed my button Marty. A healthy hound goes from zero to 45 in 3 paces and will be well out of earshot by the time the owner opens his mouth. Tackless as I am, I would tell the owner to get a lab, and ask why he doesn't positively reinforce NOT lurching on a leash, since he has trained other behaviors - which will work 99 out of 100 times. When that dog does get lost or hit by a car the irresponsible owners name will go on the 'do not adopt' list that is shared across the US. He can check the Greyhound Amber alert to learn how other people killed their greyhounds this way. Greyhound Adoption groups don't do all the work they do to SAVE these dogs so that idiot owners can kill them in painful creative ways. My dogs all have beyond excellent recall, all have prey drive, and they can run their little hearts out in fenced safe areas. I weight 125 pounds and have had 25+ fosters and none have broken my wrist. If he has osteo, he needs to return the dog to the agency!

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Came back to Wow over Drema's sage and 3' Bay (quite an accomplishment in my mind!!) but now really want to apologize?? realize that sometimes I'm brain dead when it comes to feelings??? to Cynthia for sharing the story. I've not seen this dog nor guy before, but if I do I'll direct him to the Greyhound Amber site.

    The dog really did stop on "prone", and since I'd never seen that as a command before, thought it kind of a smart thing to teach. There are MANY reasons I don't own a dog :-)

    Was thinking about weeding in February .... may be a good idea to get rid of early wayward grass clumps. But, does anyone think it'd kill the surrounding soil?

    All the more reason to hightail it outta here to Z8ish :-)


  • 16 years ago
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    Nasty Nasty weather here. Not good for dog walking & training. Blargh! Ice and rain. I would love a Glowing Orb!

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    We are now veiled in Martie's clouds after a downright cerulean morning. "Weather" is definitely movin' in for tonight/tomorrow. I haven't listened to a forecast closely, but I the worst I expect is MAYBE some heavy snow early on quickly changeing to sleet and then to rain. The makins of a pretty gross day, in all liklihood! But I'll be inside painting so I don't really care that much. Good excuse to play with, cuddle (theraputically beat) a little dog, 'bug. (Do they dock the tails of Bouviers, 'bug?).

    The stageing held! I put the first coat of ceiling blue on the little part of ceiling over the 1st. floor door to the stairwell. I put the first coat of wall color on the remaining half of the north wall, the entire stairwell, and the remaining part of the east wall. As well as a third coat on the outlet, switch, cable, telephone covers. I've cleaned all the rollers, pans, and brushes. And I'm rewarding myself with a "wicked treat"... Hot Pastrami, with onions, ans swiss cheese. MMM-mmm! Helpmeet is a bit downcast, not having accomplished all he'd hoped; he's showered and headed down to the local eatery for a cold beer, some vittles, and some sports on HDTV. :)

    Martie, you story reminds me of a guy we used to see on the beach some years ago. He had a Saluki; beautiful dog! The acceleration "off the line" was simply amazing and it reminded me of a Cheetah... you know, how the spine really flexes with each leap. Anyway, that dog went nuts over a frisbee. Guy would throw it, dog would look at him, and run it down once released. Other dogs didn't stand a chance, UNLESS it landed in the water. Truly something to behold doing what he'd been bred to do.

    Your floral assortment is beautiful and thoughtful. I have a grocery store bouquet that arrived with my box of chocolates... all in pinks, reds. whites. I found some very nice chocolate (dark with a candied, edible flower on it, and milk chocolate cupid from an antique mould) and a humorous card for the helpmeet. Every single Valentine's Day he brings me something. Valentine's Day was Mum's favorite holiday (right up there with Easter; her baskets were a joy to behold).

    I wonder if Jerri will share some sentimental anecdote about her parents? I found those particularly fun and meaningful (in case you hadn't guessed).

    Just as I was leaving the garage to clean up the equipment I saw a guy with a dog waving to me. I waved right back and called out to him. His dog is a Labradoodle and he lives a few doors south of our home. He said he sees me all the time with Rex, and would love to stop by when I didn't have my hands full. We have several "new" neighbors and it will be fun to meet one more of them. It's important to know who to call when you need a cup of dog chow or when a dog goes AWOL (absent with out leash). ;)

    Drema, it's so nice to hear from you. I know you've had a lot on your plate, too. I like the way you've decided to "roll with it". Sometimes the simplest plants offer the most interesting colors... I'm a sucker for foliage, anyway, so anytime it offers up multiple colors I'm impressed. How sweet of you to "take Charlie" and give them a night out... . (another Mum anecdote: she used to take 5-6 yr. olds for an afternoon so a young mother could have some time to herself. She said it was easy to just sit and read stories and chatter for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday.).

    More I want to say, but I've forgotten it by now. !

  • 16 years ago
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    Oh my yes, they do dock both ears and tails still in North America. It is outlawed in Europe. In shows here you are permitted to have both tail and ears, so why this nonsense persists I do not know. One breeder who would not allow me to have a dog because I wanted natural, said it was for health reasons. Yeah, right! Anyway, our breeder would not allow me a tail, but would allow me the ears! So to her surprise, all but 2 buyers of the 7 pups wanted natural ears. I hope the mood is changing!

    Weather still stinks here...and Phoebe agrees ! She says her toys are OK but she really would prefer jumping into my face with all four paws extended...

    DH is away so I don't need to prepare meals. Hurray! The snow from the barn roof slithered down in one huge dump. It was impressive! I wish we could have walked beyond the bridge together...but that must wait for decent weather. Why do they say lousy weather is for the dogs?

  • 16 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Sorry, I was away on a doogie transport. Drove a little Corgie from OKC to the Texas border. He's going to his new foster home in New Mexico.
    Bug, I have never had a dog that went in a spot I designated. I'm just glad to get them to go outside! I guess I need to work on the training thing a little. ;)
    Chelone, I'll confess what you all must know by now. I'm a
    total Geek and can't carry on a decent conversation unless it' about animals or computers! There, I said it!