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Two issues - engine idle and self propel

15 years ago

Hi all - I've finally gotten around to messing with my push mower and I've got it sort of working, but still not 100%. It's a 6 year old Craftsman real wheel drive walk behind. There's still two big issues:

1) The mower has the Honda GCV160 5.5HP motor on it. It runs great at full speed, but when you cut it back to idle, the motor surges and doesn't run well at all. Sometimes it sputters out and dies, but normally it just surges. I thought the problem was the carb, so I dismantled it, cleaned and soaked the jet, and reassembled it. It didn't make much difference. I noticed the gaskets are in rough shape, so I'll order new ones and see if that helps. Might have a vacuum issue with the gaskets as bad as they are! Would that explain this?

2) At any speed, the self-propel is always engaged just a little. When I stop to dump the bag, unless I kill the motor, the mower wants to wander off across the yard. I haven't taken it apart to see if I could fix it... Just came here for help. There's an adjustment button on the back of the self propel handle, but that didn't seem to help anything.

Thanks for the advice!


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