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Honda Running Rich

10 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have a 2 year old commercial LB mower with the Honda GSV190 with manual choke and throttle control with a problem. Engine had been running fine till I tilted the mower (carb down oil tube up-wrong way!) to sharpen the blade. Upon re-assembly, noticed fuel/oil had dripped from air-filter canister. Cleaned air-filter canister and filter. Now engine runs slightly rough, not developing full throttle rpm, and running rich with resultant carbon build-up on plug.

Subsequently, I pulled the carb checking fuel bowl, needle valve and float and blew air through fuel inlet nipple and main jet. Starts fine but continues to run rich. Oil level 1/8" below full on stick, fuel new w/stabilizer.

What might the oil from tilting the engine gotten into to cause this problem (carb circuit blockage, breather tube blockage)? Is there a engine diagram available on-line?

Any ideas/suggestion/solutions would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

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