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Do Blueberries Still Need Acidic Soil If Soil Fertile?

10 years ago

I just planted blueberries in my garden late this past summer, more or less on a whim, because I saw that Home Depot was getting ready to throw their unsold plants in a tip to make space for their fall lineup. I did a little research and found that blueberries like acidic soil because a low soil pH makes certain nutrients - Fe, Mn, Zn Cu, Co, and up to a point, P - more available. I had my soil tested and it turns out that I live in an area with some of the most fertile soil in the country. At a pH of 6.7, my garden's soil already has above optimal quantities of available major nutrients for blueberries, and has an abundance of available micronutrients like Iron and Magnesium. I have begun applying a mixture of powdered sulfur and dissolved ferrous iron sulfate to my blueberry patch as instructed by the soil testing lab, but I am now wondering if I should continue doing so. If my soil is providing an overabundance of nutrients to my bushes at a pH of 6.7, and lowering the pH will only increase the availability of those nutrients, might this not actually be bad for them?

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