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In New England, when do I start preemergent/fertilizer treatment?

12 years ago

Our lawn (about 40k sf) was hydroseeded in the Fall of 2010 (rye, fescue, BM mix). I filled in reasonably last year, and we overseeded everywhere, but there was TONS of crabgrass (and some clover). I want to get a handle on it this year but have no clue when to start. It was a warmer than usual winter, with little snow, and I'd say we are about 2 weeks ahead of normal schedule with plant growth, etc.

Would you let me know what you recommend, and when it should be applied? What preemergent for the weeds, and what fertilizer? I need something that can be done with a broadcast spreader as our lawn is way too large to use a sprayer. I appreciate the help!

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