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Your favorite table grapes in southern CA

15 years ago

Hi, all,

Recently I planed to plant two table grapes at my patio facing south. Then I did some homework, visit nurseries, HD, and internet search, and read Sunset Western Garden. I found two which I want to go for: Reliance seedless grape and Keoho grape.

Relaince seedless: None of the nurseries I went carries it, neither home depot. Is that means that Reliance won't do well at zone 10? Some (internet search) said it is suitable at zone 5-9, other said zone 5-10. And reliance do listed on the grape table of Sunset Western Garden Book. I guess it should do well at Southern CA.

Yes, mail order. Lot of the nurseries I checked do not shipped to CA any more (some said "due to state Quarantine Regulation).

By the way, reliance has two colors, one is pink, the other red. Which is better taste for you?

Can you kindly share your experience with Reliance at Los Angeles and Orange County with me And where can I get it?

Kyoho grape: Found both vine and fruit at a Chinese market.

The fruit taste is great except think peel and seeds. I did read a post in the internet, there are seeded and seedless Kyoho grapes.

Where can I get seedless Kyoho grape?

Also could you please list your favorite table grape in southern CA?

Any suggestions from other states regarding these issues are very much welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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