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I think I planted too many cucumber plants in a container

11 years ago

Hello fellow gardeners! I've been reading the forums on here for a few months and everyone seems so helpful I decided I should post this question here.

I started a vegetable garden on my very, very sunny patio just recently. I read that cucumbers, especially the type of seed I bought can be container grown and started this time of year. Well the packet said to sow 4-6 seeds together but I didnt think about that needing to be changed for a container. Anyhow I planted two of these and all of the seeds sprouted; they are about 3 inches high right now. I'm wondering if this is too many cucumber plants in a small area and what I should do at this point. I have plenty of room for them to grow on a trellis but I want to make sure they will produce something tasty. Any suggestions would be wonderful.


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