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What can I do now about Cedar-Apple Rust on Apple Trees

11 years ago


I just figured out that what's wreaking havoc on my 2 year old apple trees is very likely CAR. Any advice for what I can do about it in early July? I know the best time to treat is spring, just when it leaves are budding out, but I missed that opportunity.

Would sulfur spray now do anything? Michael Phillips, I believe, says he does three applications of Sulfur, but I don't have his book here (which has a schedule and more info). I've heard people recommend compost tea but I've never made it and don't know if it would do anything now anyway.

Any suggestions?

If anyone's curious, of the "disease resistant" varieties, William's Pride and Liberty have held up the best, MacFree fared a little worse, and JonaFree is really having a rough time with CAR.

Thanks for any advice!


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