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Bad luck with Cordyline 'Red Sister'

17 years ago

I bought this plant at Wal-mart. It was an impulse buy. The plant was in bad shape, I guess I wanted to see if I could help it. There's no bugs on it, it's just very unhappy. I've had it maybe 3 weeks now.

When I bought it, it needed a BIG haircut cause it had a lot of dead leaves. So I cut back the ones that looked like they couldn't be saved and left the rest. It's got these brown patches on several of the leaves. I checked on it today and had to remove more of it's leaves because they had yellowed.

It sits in a southern exposure, but the covered balcony outside shields some of the light. It's still very bright though. All of my other plants there are thriving. I water it about every 6-8 days, depending on the soil moisture. There has been no new growth. Any ideas?

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