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dwarf fruit trees in bins, pots or raised beds

15 years ago


My daughter in law and I both want to start a few dwarf fruit trees. She in particular has very limited space. Also digging holes in the ground in her yard is not an option. I can put mine in holes as I have a back field, but have severe vole problems so putting them in, say, a sawed in half trash barrel would be great because it would provide a barrier. Also my soil isn't terrific in the area where they would be best in the sun - in a barrel I could have a really good soil mix.

We read the article in the last month's American Gardener and were sold on the idea of getting dwarf fruit trees. We saw the picture of somebody who has dwarf fruit trees - LOTS of them - in what is essentially a long raised bed. But we are in New Hampshire and zone 4/sometimes zone 5. I assume pots and/or raised beds would mean the roots would get too frozen in the winter. What if we wrapped them for some more insulation? We don't want to lug them inside not do we really have the space to do this. I could sink mine par tway into the ground but my DIL couldn't.

All ideas for potted dwarf fruits in cold climates gratefully received.

Deborah Stuart

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