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Encouraging branches on a bare-root cherry?

12 years ago

First off, although I have some older trees - four citrus, an apple, a peach, a persimmon, and a plum tree, and two grape vines, I'm really new to "gardening" and may not use the correct terms.

This year I decided I was going to try some cherry trees on dwarfing root-stocks. I bought Bing and Rainier on both CR 178 and on Gisela 5, and a Hudson on Gisela 5. All went into 30-gallon half barrels.

None were "whips" and they all are branching higher than I want, but I figured I would give them this year to establish their roots and cut them back next year.

Except for the Hudson. It had a nice group of buds at the height I wanted the "vase" to begin so I cut it. I also scored the bark above the buds with a doubled hacksaw blade.

A branch began to grow below where I wanted one so pinched it off. After that the top-most bud, which had put out leaves, began putting up a branch, but the buds below it have only developed nice leafy spurs.

It appears that all the energy is going into that top-most developing limb.

What can I do to encourage those lower spurs to deveope into limbs?



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