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What is this, what's it doing, and what do I do with it???

8 years ago

Hi all,

I'm new here and would really like your help with something.....well three things really.....I bought this plant a couple of months ago and its growing really well, getting lovely and bushy etc. However, I'm struggling with a few things:

Firstly, what is it? It was simply labelled Monstera when I bought it, which is fine and I think that's right...but its not a deliciosa and I'd like to know what it is as that will greatly help with my next two issues....

Secondly, are its fruits (flowers?) supposed to do that? You can just see the two fruits (or flowers) on the plant - they've barely grown at all and now you can see that the one of them looks like its died and gone brown, before its even grown out of its leaf-casing. Is that right or has the fruit/flower died?

And lastly, I'd love to know what to do with the thing....once I know the two answers above I'll be some way there, but I'd like to know the ideal care I should be giving the plant. Currently I have it sat on a windowsill, where it doesn't really get any direct sunlight; I water it when the top half of the soil is dry and give it a little food at the same time. It isn't getting any taller whatsoever, but it is getting bushier and growing new leaves at a rate of knots, so I think its pretty happy.....but then I wonder if I'm killing it because of the way its fruit/flowers are behaving....

Basically I'm very confused and would love someone to put me straight on all this and give any general advice at all really...

Thank you so much


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  • christine1950
    8 years ago

    I believe its a dieffenbachia and it looks great to me, I've never seen one flower but thats what it looks like it will be. I may be all wrong, others with more knowledge will be along today to help you out.

  • Tiffany, purpleinopp Z8b Opp, AL
    8 years ago

    Christine, I agree - great Dief!

    Sambamatt, that's normal for the flowers. Having them show up is fairly unusual - keep up the good work!

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7
    8 years ago

    Floral structure is called 'spathe and spadix', typical for plants belonging to the Araceae family.

  • sambamatt
    Original Author
    8 years ago


    Thank you guys....close to a Monstera then, but their labelling could have been somewhat better!

    I shall try very hard to keep up the good work (although I suspect the plant's success is more down to the plant itself than to anything I'm doing!! - maybe it just likes my windowsill.....)

    Thanks again - I'm off to read up on it now :-)

  • patchyjack
    8 years ago

    Nice plant!
    It does look a bit like a diffenbachia, but it could also be an algaonema, like aglaonema lumina.
    You can tell the difference by looking at the leaves. If they're leathery, it's aglaonema, if they're more delicate, it's diffenbachia.

    If it's an aglaonema then you're doing exactly the right things anyway!

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