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need help w/alocasia, aroid forum too dead

15 years ago

I posted this to the aroid forum nearly two weeks ago with no response at all. The forum itself seems to be lightly traffic'd.

I have been part owner and caretaker of an alocasia frydek that sits on my desk at work. It is about 6 years old and it has pupped several times. There are now 3 very distinct plants in the 10in pot.

I understand the basic issue of splitting the plants apart and repotting them. However, the older plants have all developed that "palm tree" stem. It makes them very top heavy, floppy and unattractive. My African Shield at home is not doing this.

Can I bury the whole stem when I repot them? I know tomatoes like that treatment, but I have read pages and pages here and nobody mentions what to do with that ugly stem. My friend who originally had the plant wants part of it and he will hurt me badly if I kill it.

Any good advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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