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Chilli Pepper leaves curling and puckering

8 years ago

Hi all. Hopefully you can help me. I'm a new grower and probably making all the basic mistakes. I'm trying to grow chillis...the hotter varieties....habaneros, ghost peppers etc. I grow indoors. I'm from Ireland by the way so growing outdoors as such isn't an option given the cold climate. The problem I have is that the leaves on my plants are curling and thickening quite badly. See pic attached. It's happening on pretty much all of them. I currently have a crop which germinated about 2 months ago but I also have a some plants that a friend gave me which were germinated last August/ September. All are showing the same signs.

I live in an area with high levels of lime in the water which I presume means that it's calcium rich. I have a water softener...a salt based softener...which filters the supply to my hot taps. I presume that leaves this water quite saline. In my ignorance I'm sure I've used both indiscriminately so I'm not sure which might be the culprit...that's assuming it's a water problem in the first place of course. I'm using an organic seaweed fertilizer to feed them...a very dilute solution for the young ones. Can lime rich water damage plants or is it more likely to be salty water? Might over feeding plants cause these symptoms...crinkling and puckering? I don't think I've over fed them but I can't discount this as a possibility either. Any help would be most appreciated.

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