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Further Boston-fern questions

13 years ago

I've got a Boston fern that I've had for about a year and a half. I noticed both last winter and this winter that growth slows and the plant looks less vital during the winter. I've got it in a west window - I realize it is not getting direct morning sunlight (it gets ambient light, and when the cloud cover is less it gets direct winter sunlight in the afternoon). But in this spot it looked quite glorious from spring into late fall last year.

I know these are essentially understory plants, and I believe they're thought of as shade-loving. But when I bought it, I got it directly from the local nursery that propagates houseplants. It had been in a sunny greenhouse there.

I'm thinking that I'd want to at least root-trim it. I have no special interest in dividing it, as I don't want two of them - but I will divide it if this is the only way to restore it to full vigor. I'd wait until the snow and cold are over outside, since outdoors is the best place for me to do this kind of work.

The fern is, at this point, still sending up new shoots that unfurl into fronds, though at a slower rate than in the sunnier months. I've given it soluble, balanced indoor plant food (dilute) in its water every couple weeks.

Any comments or suggestions?

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