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WANTED: top 20! Wants. Anyone ready...

16 years ago

Maybe we can help each other

Ok here goes:

Knautica Melton Pastels

Foxglove Dwarf RED

Russian Sage or "little spires"

Heuchera blooming pink or RED

Pentemon Iron Maiden RED or others (have huskers red,voilet dusk)

Columbines Named Great but pictures okay too Like RED and yellow-unusual colors--have lots of pinks and purples

Campanulas-the long ones have elizabeth-maybe wedding bells, kent belle, Sarasota, etc

Agastache- about any except rugosa blue or white

Petunias named or picture-loves frilly, double, multicolor, trailing

Impatiens need a lot prefer color seperate expecially RED

Razzmatazz Coneflower

Butterfly Weed hello yellow

Pentas (all) but expecially RED

Dianthus nutmeg clove or super crimsona or other RED

Balloon Flower Double Lavender

Guara pinks and reds

Blue Himalana Poppy sp?

Chinese Foxglove

Perennial Geraniums

Monarda RED or bright colors

If you may have noticed, I really do like red!!

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