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Secret Santa Seed Swap ending Nov 24! Check it out.

Per the original post by organizer flwrs4ever/Kym:

Do you have a wish list ? If so, come to the Round Robin forum, and post it on the Secret Santa thread...and then wait and see if Santa can make some of your wishes come true ! You may also be able to be an elf, and share a few of your seeds with someone that has been good this year !

You do not have to fill wishes to please come and post your wishes...and lets enjoy the gift of giving this holiday season !

Newbies, this would be a great way to get some great seeds, esp for wintersowing....AND for the veteran gardeners, post those special wishes...who knows..maybe Santa has them hidden in his sack, just waiting for you !

Happy Holidays!


See the original thread here...(maxed out) of wish listsSecret Santa Seed Swap

See the second thread that has been started to see more wish lists, and to add yous too!

UPDATE: Secret Santa Seed Swap (100 and still going)


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