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NEW: Secret Santa Seed Swap Wish lists only !

9 years ago

You will find all the RULES and DIRECTIONS to this swap at attatched link

This thread is ONLY for WISH LISTS !!! NO socializing or questions PLEASE !

This will make it Easier for everyone to go thru all the wish lists :)

****** WISH LISTS ONLY HERE PLEASE !!!!!!! **********
You will find all the RULES and DIRECTIONS to this swap at attatched link

This thread is ONLY for WISH LISTS !!! NO socializing or questions PLEASE !

This will make it Easier for everyone to go thru all the wish lists :)


PLEASE send your mailing address to me ASAP ! WITH your screen name Like this... ( DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM !!)

Flwrs4ever ( your screen name)
Santa Claus ( your full name)
100 Snow Lane
North Pole 00000

I, __________, have read ALL the rules and understand how the swap works. I will follow all the deadlines and promise to ENJOY this swap :D

ALSO, please let me know if you are a NEWBIE. Newbie for this swap is defined as someone with NO SEEDS to share.
****To help me, PLEASE send your info in the above format only, so I can copy and paste it into a spreadsheet .****

ONE LIST PER PERSON, SO TAKE YOUR TIME POSTING, also update your profile wish list, so the elves can peak there too !

Here is a link that might be useful: secret santa swap rules

Comments (84)

  • jhgarden9
    9 years ago

    My wishlist:

    Abutilon Bella Pink
    Asclepias asperula - Antelope Horn
    Aztec Sweet Herb, Lippia dulcis
    winged beans
    BenaryâÂÂs Lime, BenaryâÂÂs Giant Mix, Pinca
    bleeding heart, white
    Cacti or Succulents
    centaurea montana black sprite
    Dioscorea batatas
    dioscorea elephantipes
    escargot begonia
    Fuki (Petasites japonicus var. giganteus)
    medinilla magnifica
    Mesona chinensis
    milkweed, green or white
    Pasque flower
    Udo (Aralia cordata)
    Zinnia Edwardian
    your favorite peppers
    your favorite tomato (except cherry, I have it)
    your favorite vegetable/herb

  • patrob
    9 years ago

    My Secret Santa Wish List

    Carrots: red, yellow, purple, or white
    Pepper: Sheepnose Pimiento
    Pumpkin/Winter Squash: Uncle DavidâÂÂs Dakota Dessert - Sibley - other small to medium, sweet varieties
    Spinach: Giant Noble - Gigante d' Inverno - Monstrueux De Viroflay
    Tomato: Merced, San Remo, Cabernet (the large tomato, not the newer grape tomato with the same name) These are no longer sold, and I would appreciate even older seeds.
    Thyme: any but English thyme (T. vulgaris) or mother of thyme (T. serpyllum)
    Watermelon: Cream of Saskatchewan - any yellow or orange
    Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata)
    Bat Face Cuphea (Cuphea llavea)
    Asarina purpusii (twining snapdragon): Victoria Falls or others
    Purple Milkweed (Asclepias purpurascens),
    Copper Canyon Daisy (Tagetes lemmonii)
    Blackfoot Daisy (Melampodium leucanthum)
    Border Penstemon (Penstemon gloxinoides)
    Superb Penstemon (Penstemon superbus)
    Blue Oak Sage (Salvia chamaedryoides)
    DarcyâÂÂs Sage (Salvia darcyi)
    Engelmann's Sage (Salvia engelmannii)
    Milkweed: Purple (Asclepias purpurascens)
    Petunia: any commercial
    Cosmos: Rubenza
    Marigold: Spun Gold - Spun Orange
    Alonsoa (mask flower): Coral Beauty
    Pansy: any commercial
    Bacopa: any
    Centaurea (corn flower): Classic Romantic
    Tall ornamental grasses other than Little Bluestem
    your favorite annual for hot, dry climate
    your favorite perennial (zone 8a)

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  • cryptid
    9 years ago

    2014 SSSS Wish List

    1. Queen AnneâÂÂs Pocket Melon (aka Plum Granny)
    2. Tomato - Black and Brown Boar
    3. Tomato - Butter Apple
    4. Tomato - Any white and/or dark purplish heirloom
    5. Tomato - Any grape heirloom (preferably other than red, but red's okay too)
    6. Tomato - Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red
    7. Tomato - San Francisco Fog
    8. Tomato - Jersey Devil
    9. Tomato - Glacier

    1. Tomato - Dark Galaxy
    2. Sage - white
    3. Sage - Golden Variegated (Salvia officinalis `Icterina')
    4. Hot peppers (please see "Seeds I am looking for:" on my exchange page)
    5. Medicinal herbs
    6. Unusual Snapdragons and other unusual flowers
    7. Pumpkin - Blue / White
    8. Campanula glomerata (any color)
    9. Carrot - Purple Dragon (really want)
    10. Carrot - Atomic Red
    11. Cumin, black
    12. Corn - Black Incan / Cherokee Long Ear / Country Gentleman Sweet / Japanese hulless popcorn
    13. Corn - Any decent heirloom, really
    14. Heirloom melons
    15. Cucumber - Dragon's egg / Miniature white
    16. Pineapple tomatillo
    17. Penstemon
    18. Basil - Licorice
    19. Tumeric
    20. Geum - Koi
    21. Your favorite anything!
  • dm_kelly
    9 years ago

    My wish list is kind of general and includes:
    1. Annual flowers you would find in an old fashion cottage garden
    2. Perennial cottage garden flowers
    3. Flowers for a shade garden
    4. Flowers for my butterflies and humming birds
    5. Black or chocolate color flowers
    6. Heirloom pumpkins
    7. Heirloom squash
    8. Your favorite flower, veggie, or herb

  • lexiegurl09
    9 years ago

    -Beans (pole or bush, any kind)
    -Lima Beans
    -peppers (sweet or mild)
    -greens (cabbage, collards, kale, etc)
    -Brussels sprouts
    -any unique vegetable that likes hot, humid summers or cool, somewhat mild winters, except squash... I can't grow a squash to save my life lol

    Thank you to everybody!!!!

  • Brenda-garden
    9 years ago

    Secret Santa Wish List

    Brussel Sprouts, Long Island
    Celeriac, Giant
    Celery, Utah Tall
    Tomato, San Marzano
    Tomato, Amish Paste
    Onion, White Sweet Spanish
    Pumpkin, Heirloom Pie or other pie pumpkin
    Beans, Yellow Wax bush type
    Beans, Lima bush type
    Okra, Red or Burgundy
    Savory, Winter
    Oregano, hot or spicy
    Mints, Peppermint, Spearmint, Orange Mint, Cat Mint
    Obedient Plant
    Alyssum, Cream, Yellow, Peach, Salmon, Pink
    Snapdragons, any color
    Honeysuckle, trumpet
    Phlox, creeping
    Poppy, Red Perennial
    Yarrow, Yellow, Pink, Red
    Russian Sage

  • Brenda-garden
    9 years ago

    Forgot to post that I am on the line of zone 7a and zone 7b..

    Thanks to all for this seed exchange, especially the organizers. What a lot of work

  • Brenda-garden
    9 years ago

    Forgot to post that I am on the line of zone 7a and zone 7b..

    Thanks to all for this seed exchange, especially the organizers. What a lot of work

  • socalgardengal
    9 years ago

    I'm easy..... Anything on my want list. Especially vanilla cutting. And Theobroma Cocoa seeds. Been looking for awhile. I would also love some garlic, peppers AND Jalapenos that have some heat to them!!!! You know....I would absolutely enjoy anything. I love this swap!!! Happy Holidays Everyone! I can't believe its here already...Geez!

  • sinbadsmom
    9 years ago

    My wish list!

    purple tassel flower
    indian paint brush
    red lupine
    variegated nicotania
    salmon colored - green envy zinnia
    globe gilia
    nicotania langsdorffi
    any raspberry/wine colored salvia
    small bumpy pumpkin

  • cryptid
    9 years ago


  • SusieQsie_Fla
    9 years ago


    Diva Cucumber
    Hyacinth Bean
    Corkscrew Vine
    Atris Pepper
    Butterfly Pea
    Any Butterfly Attractor
    Any Hummer Attractor
    Anything Tropical
    Anything you want to give to a good home!


  • cryptid
    9 years ago


  • canyonwind
    9 years ago

    My Secret Santa Wish list....

    Rudebeckia "Praire Sun"
    Rudebeckia "Indian Summer"
    Rudebeckia "Goldstrum"
    Rudebeckia "Irish Eyes"
    Rudebeckia "Orange Fudge"
    Rudebeckia "Chim Chiminee"
    Rudebeckia "Denver Daisy"
    Gaillardia "Lorenziana" (Blanket Flower)
    Gaillardia "Red Plume" (Blanket Flower)
    Gaillardia "Dazzler" (Blanket Flower)
    Coreopsis "Sterntaler"
    Coreopsis "Sunfire"
    Coreopsis "Sunburst"
    Petunias, cascading
    Petunias reseeders
    Reseeders/Self Sowers..nothing invasive..thanks
    Hens and chicks, sedums,escheveria succulents
    Named Verbena
    Painted Toungue
    Double Impatients
    Named Dianthus/sweet william
    Coleus that loves the hot sun
    Bee Balm Monarda Panorama
    Love In A Mist, Persian Red
    Any Lobelia cascading or not
    Pepper Ancho Pablano productive
    Parsley flat leaf
    Your favorite productive zucchini squash (other than the routine green zucchini)

    Thanks much for taking a peek! So appreciative of whatever you send my way!
    Merry Christmas...thanks Santa Kym.


  • sahmjay
    9 years ago


    first time doing this. love everybody's wish list. here is mines..

    1. medicinal plants or herbs
    2. heirloom fruit
    3. eryngium giganteum - silver ghost
    4. crocus sativus - saffron flower
    5. turmeric
    6. cassava
    7. papalo summer cilantro
    8. epazote
    9. hardy kiwi (anna, kens red, msu etc)
    10. pacific purple asparagus
    11. blue datura
    12. schisandra chinensis - eastern prince magnolia vine
    13. camellia sinensis/green tea/sochi tea
    14. yerba mate
    15. nasturtium
    16. chickweed
    17. angelica sinensis
    18. tulsi basil (rama, krishna and any other varieties)
    19. ginger
    20. smallanthus uvedalia - bearsfoot
    21. miracle fruit
    22. haskap/honeyberry
    23. guavas - lemon, chilean, malaysian, purple, red, pink etc(anything except pineapple)
    24. miracle fruit
    25. ginseng
    26. true potato seeds (non gmo)
    27. anything you would consider an oddity or unique
    28. heirloom corn varieties
    29. super hot peppers (anything that will grant my deathwish lol)
    30. edible perennials that will grow in zone 9
  • riley17
    9 years ago

    I missed this swap the last couple of years due to moving and getting married and starting over. So glad to see it's still going on!! It's my favorite!

    My list:
    1) any intermediate or long day heirloom onion seeds but I am specifically interested in Ailsa craig onions
    2) yellow of parma onion
    3) stuttgarter onion
    4) Forage Kale proteor
    5) Blue curled scotch kale
    6) Monstrueux De Viroflay Spinach
    7) good mother stallard bean
    8) greasy grits bean
    9) any good heirloom beans

    1. Glory of Enkhuizen Cabbage
    2. rats tail raish
    3. mammoth red mangel beet
    4. Geante Blanche Beet
    5. sugar beet
    6. zentaur fodder beet
    7. Bleu De Solaise Leek
    8. pepper cress
    9. comstock sauce and slice tomato
    10. your favorite heirloom veggies!
    11. your favorite heirloom tomato for making sauce or salsa
    12. sweet autumn clematis
    13. amaranth or quinoa
    14. heirloom brussels sprouts
    15. golden bantam sweet corn
    16. white sonora wheat
    17. any heirloom peppers, sweet or hot
    18. rosemary
    19. cilantro
    20. parsley
    21. surprise me! :)
  • redthreaddiy
    9 years ago

    1. TOMATOES! All kinds of tomatoes! Miniature tomatoes, Cherries, Huge Massive ones, Crazy colors. I love them all and grow over 1,000 plants yearly.
    2. PEPPERS! HOTS! Sweets, Mediums. Strange, Bizarre and Ornamental. LOVE them! Also grow a ridiculous amount :)
    3. Orchids
    4. Oxalis, any, especially Candycane!
    5. Cacti/Succulents, have a huge collection but welcome more all the time!
    6. Carnivorous Plants
    7. Any kind of plant that ends in "wort"
    8. Violets
    9. Any Lily

    1. Lifesaver Plant
    2. Hardy Kiwi Vine
    3. Gourds
    4. Pumpkins (we go all out on Halloween)
    5. Cucumbers
    6. Cohosh, any
    7. Porcupine Tomato, Solanum pyracanthum
    8. Squash
    9. VooDoo Lily, any
    10. Honeywort AKA Blue Shrimp Plant AKA Blue Wax Flower, Cerinthe major
    11. Globe Amaranth 'Strawberry Fields' Gomphrena haageana
    12. Golden Shrimp Plant AKA Lollipop Plant Pachystachys lutea
    13. Goldfish Plant, Nematanthus
    14. Hens and Chicks
    15. Butterfly Pea Vine 'Alba', Clitoria ternateaÃÂ
    16. Coffee Tree, any, Gymnocladus sp.
    17. Spanish Flag, Ipomoea lobata
    18. Polypody, any, Polypodium sp.
    19. Snowdrop, any, Galanthus sp.
    20. Money Plant AKA Silver Dollars AKA Honesty, 'Variegata' & any with Pink/Purple blooms, Lunaria annua
    21. Any fruit, veggie, herb or flower that is unusual or any plant that you love.
  • redthreaddiy
    9 years ago

    I would like to sign my dad up for this swap. His GardenWeb name is SalsaCanner and he participated a couple years ago. He REALLY enjoyed it.

    He lost his son in a motorcycle accident this summer (my brother, Patrick) at only 23 years of age.

    I am kind of asking this as a surprise for him this December, if anyone would like to send him a Christmas card with a pack of seeds, to hopefully brighten his spirit a little. The holidays are not going to be easy for us.

    Please let me know if you plan on sending my dad some seeds and I will be sure to send some to you. You can just send me an email/message here on GardenWeb.

    My dad especially enjoys peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans. He enjoys really any vegetable or any flowers.

    Thank you and let me know if you want to send anything to him so I can return the favor :)

  • SusieQsie_Fla
    9 years ago

    Hi Red
    What a great idea to surprise your Dad.

    This post was edited by susieqsie on Thu, Nov 13, 14 at 21:47

  • Kachana
    9 years ago

    Season's greetings. My first time participating in a round robin exchange. Here's my wish list:

    1. Any short flowers (used as ground covers) that do well in our Texas heat
    2. Petunia
    3. Coleus
    4. Rangoon Creeper Vine
    5. Moringa Oleifera
    6. Rose
    7. Geranium
    8. Zinnia
    9. Cilantro

    1. Penta
    2. Scabiosa
    3. Canna (I already have one with purple leaves with orangy-red flowers)
    4. Salvia (I already have red greggii)
    5. Your favorite flower you think I should try with my roses
    6. Your favorite flower that will do well in 100 degree heat
    7. Celosia (I already have one with purple leaves & red flowers)
    8. Iris
    9. Daylily
    10. Ginger



  • terrigail_gw
    9 years ago

    Here's my list =D

    1. Snowpuff cosmos
    2-5. Sunflowers
    -little Becca
    -ring of fire
    -vanilla ice
    -any dwarf varieties
    6. Orange/red coneflowers
    7. Harvest moon coneflower
    8. Mexican sunflower
    9. Solar fire ursinia

    1. Milas agrostemma
    2. Silver falls dichondria
    3. Lobelia- trailing
    4. Nasturtium- trailing
    5. Million bells
    6. Livingstone daisy
    7. Ice plants
    8. Sweet alyssum
    9. Striped gazania
    10. Zulu Princess daisy
    11. Gloriosa daisy
      21-30. Anything that fits in with my "flowers that your great-grandma grew" garden (except for zinnias, impatiens, or marigolds:).
  • xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska
    9 years ago

    SalsaCanner's 2012 Wish List

    For those who want to send a Christmas Surprise to SalsaCanner, here was his former wish list if that helps.
    1. Your Favorite Tomatoes
    2. Heirloom Tomato
    3. Cherry Tomato
    4. Striped Tomato
    5. Bulls Heart Tomato
    6. Polish Tomato
    7. Fish Peppers
    8. Hungarian Hot Peppers
    9. Hot Peppers

    1. Chili Peppers
    2. Sweet Banana Pepper
    3. Cacti
    4. Orange/Lemon/Grapefruit seeds
    5. Orange/Lemon/Grapefruit plants
    6. Pole or Bush Beans
    7. Blue Lake Bush Bean
    8. Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
    9. Garlic
    10. Shallots
    11. Boston Pickler Cucumbers
    12. Cilantro
    13. Four O'clock Flowers
    14. Lovage
    15. Lilies
    16. Catnip
    17. Dill
    18. Oregano
    19. Parsley
    20. Peas
    21. Spider Flower

    Thank you for sharing this request. You're a good daughter!

  • Ruby_Dog
    9 years ago

    1) Walking stick or winterbor or tree kale
    2) Red veined sorrel
    3) Basils for pesto, Summerlong, Pesto Perpetuo, Nufar, your favorite
    4) Tomato, best tasting heavy producer - slicer
    5) Mild jalapeno pepper, like Senorita
    6) Ancho/Poblano pepper (or any slightly spicy sweet pepper, canâÂÂt take the heat anymore!)
    7) Red cabbage
    8) Purple or yellow carrots
    9) Your favorite leaf lettuce

    1. Your favorite slicing cucumber
    2. Your favorite eggplant
    3. Your favorite pole bean
    4. Your favorite heavy producing veg for a community food pantry
    5. Columbine - Aquilegia canadensis - wild red columbine
    6. Pincushion - Scabiosa any annual or perennial
    7. Echinacea Tomato Soup or any red/yellow/orange
    8. Cosmos, any red or pastels
    9. Geum, any red
    10. Anise hyssop or agastache
    11. Joe pye dwarf
    12. Poppy, any double or peony-type
    13. Penstemon, any
    14. Solidago - Fireworks
    15. Geraniums perennial z.6
    16. Tithonia = Mexican sunflower
    17. Zinnia, any bi- or multicolors
    18. Your favorite flower for cutting
    19. Your favorite bee or hummingbird flower

    Thanks and merry Christmas / happy Holidays everyone!!

  • yotetrapper
    9 years ago

    Hey red, great idea for your dad, real thoughtful. Sure he will get lots of cards from here. You don't need to send back cards to those that send to him though, that's not really how this swap works. If you have seeds you want to share, just pick some people who are looking for seeds that you have and send 'em on. This swap always works out well like that. Sorry for your family's terrible loss and may the holidays be bearable for ya'll.

  • amberroses
    9 years ago

    My Seed Santa wish list:


    2.Aji Pineapple pepper
    3. Bhut Jolokia Pepper
    4. Shiraz peas
    5. Taichung peas
    6. Egyptian spinach
    7. Cranberry or Christmas beans
    8. Scarlet Runner beans
    9. Dwarf or determinate tomatoes

    1. Your favorite green bean (bush or vine)


    1. Zinnias

    2. Twinny or bicolor snapdragons

    3. Poppies

    4. Red Marigolds, especially cottage red

    5. White marigolds

    6. Cosmos (not the yellow/orange sulphureus)

    7. scabiosa

    8. abutilon

    9. coreopsis

    10. Any pretty or unusual edible or ornamental plant.

    I like plants a lot :)

  • ronnyb123
    9 years ago

    Sort of OT but also part of the ongoing swaps that appear on GW:

    There is also a seed swap on the Chili peppers forum going on at this time. If you have seeds you wish to trade for others that you are looking for (lots of packets to go around) you should sign up. Closing up end of the month.

    Hope Santa blesses you all.


    This post was edited by RonnyB123 on Sun, Nov 16, 14 at 12:36

  • audrey_gw
    9 years ago

    My Wish List:

    Acanthus, any
    Adiantum (maidenhair fern), any
    Alcea (hollyhock), bicolored or tricolored types
    Anemone, any
    Asclepias (milkweed), unusual perennial types hardy in zone 5
    Buddleia (butterfly bush), any
    Cistus, any
    Cordyalis, any, especially blue-flowered types
    Cyclamen, bicolor houseplant types
    Delphinium, chocolate or green types
    Erodium, any
    Fuchsia, any
    Gentiana (gentian), any
    (Hardy) Geranium, double or dark-centered types
    Globularia, any
    Heirloom flowers
    Helleborus, double types
    Hepatica, any
    Ipomoea (morning glory), Japanese types
    Meconopsis, any
    Mimulus, any
    Osteospermum, spooned-petal types like Whirligig
    Pansy, ruffled types
    Pavonia, any
    Phygelius, any
    Primula (primrose), any
    Rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan), double or unusual types
    Streptocarpus, any
    Unusual perennials hardy in zone 5
    Unusual tropical plants

  • sunnysouth36604
    9 years ago

    Santa, I have been a very very good boy this year......

    My NEWBIE Santa Wish List :
    1. ANY Heirloom veggies.....
    2. Veggies.... :-)
    3. Flower seeds to attract hummingbirds and butterflies

  • fommy15
    9 years ago

    I'm excited to send out all the fun seeds I've been saving. I hope you guys like them. Send me something you enjoyed growing? Cheers- Paul

    1. Edible Kale
    2. Your favorite lettuce variety
    3. Your favorite spinach
    4. Dragon's Egg Cucumber
    5. or any good pickling cucumber
    6. Pineapple tomatillo
    7. Brussel sprouts
    8. Basil
    9. carrots

    1. Asparagus
    2. Turnip
    3. swiss chard
    4. Large pumpkins
    5. snow peas
    6. Tumeric
    7. Lima Beans
    8. onions
    9. beets
    10. Any blight resistant squash (summer or winter)? I battle the blight otherwise
      your favorite? I live in Boston- zone 6


    1. Columbine- what kind you got?
    2. Cosmos
    3. Mandevilla any
    4. Petunia- would love some wave, but any kind
    5. hens n chicks
    6. Pansies, any
    7. Clematis
    8. dahlias
      Favorite Perennial?Annuals I live in Boston- zone 6
  • gmom2-6boys
    9 years ago

    My list for Santa's Elves:

    Poppyies-Himalayan Blue
    Allium large
    Blue Flowers
    Coneflower-Flash light Blue
    Dianthus-Siberian Blue
    Dragon flower-White
    Pansy-hardy mix
    Silver mound
    Greek Oregano
    Kent's Beauty Oregano
    Rainbow carrots
    Oregon Sugar Peas
    Kale Rainbow Swiss Chard

  • paulan70
    9 years ago

    Ok here is my list finally. Not in any special order or anything like that.

    1. Profusion Zinnia Any

    1. Petunia wave series any color
    2. Zinnia Queen Red Lime there is another color as well cant remember name of it.
    3. Bat Face Cuphea
    4. Black Berry Lilies
    5. Gloriosa Lilies
    6. Red Hot Pokers
    8. Purple and White Sea Holly
    9. Impatiens Any
    11. Petunia Aladdin Series
    12. Petunia Can Can series
    13. Petunia Frost Series
    14. Petunia Star Series
    15. Petunia pretty much any kind
    16. Petunia SOPHISTICA series
    17. Petunia trailing any
    18. Wishbone/Torenia Any
    19. Red perennials

    Thanks for reading.

    1. sugar snap peas
    2. Big tomatoes good for cutting
    3. Verbena any

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  • Pmb2005
    9 years ago

    Hi! Here is my wish list...
    1. Any plant with the name "Promise" - new emerging theme
    2. Herbs - uncommon for culinary use
    3. Berries - any
    4. Muscadine or grapes - any
    5. Tomatoes - Southern heat lovin for canning and sauces
    6. Peppers - Sweet Italian type
    7. Cucumbers - pickling, slicing
    8. Squash - uncommon with amazing flavor
    9. Heirloom edible - your favorite

    1. Perennial - Your favorite
    2. Annual - Your favorite
    3. Salvia - any - especially Blue Angel but would love any
    4. Zinnias - any
    5. Clematis - white, silver, yellow
    6. Marigolds - White or Cream
    7. Anything with "Silver" in it's name
    8. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis - Forever Young
    9. Phlox
    10. Basil - Christmas Basil
    11. Basil - Lettuce Leaf
    12. Basil - Italian Large Leaf
    13. Bee Balm - any
    14. Oregano - uncommon
    15. Thyme - not common
    16. Rosemary - uncommon for culinary use
    17. Chicory
    18. Savory
    19. Salad Burnet
    20. Rue
    21. Fennel
      Good thing Santa only has to fit in the mailbox! Merry Christmas fellow Garden Webber's!

  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland
    9 years ago

    My Secret Santa Swap Wishlist
    1.any dwarf flower
    2.any dwarf tomato
    3.any heirloom beefsteak tomato
    4.any heirloom cherry tomato, esp black cherry
    5.any hybrid tomato that grows well for you
    6.any coreopsis
    7.any daylily
    8.Black Brandywine tomato
    9.any basil
    10.ornamental kale or cabbage
    11.any zucchini
    12.any green bean, pole or bush

    1. any zinnia, ( esp the smaller varieties like Profusion )
      14.dwarf cosmos !! really want this !
      15.any bell or frying peppers, sweet , not hot !! lol
      16.any rudbeckia
    2. any sugar or snap pea
      18.any pansy
    3. any petunia
      20.shorter varieties of sunflowers
    4. Sungold cherry tomato
    5. any vinca
      23.butternut squash
    6. your favorite paste tomato heirloom flower or veggie thatâÂÂs been in your family for many years
    7. any greens !
      27.any coleus
      28.anything with the name Ava or Olivia ;-)
      29.Big Bertha or King Arthur bell pepper
    8. your favorite anything ;-)
  • wilsha
    9 years ago

    My top 30 list -- so excited -- Thanks :)
    1. Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)
    2. Amaranth/Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranthus hypochondriacus)
    3. Aniseed/Anise (Pimpinella Anisum)
    4. Bluebell (Hyacinthus nonscriptus)
    5. Broccoli
    6. Bugle (Ajuga Reptans)
    7. Burdock root (Arctium lappa)
    8. Chia (Salvia hispanica)
    9. Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

    1. Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)
    2. Eyebright (Euphrasia)
    3. Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)
    4. Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum)
    5. Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis)
    6. Heartsease or Pansy (Viola tricolor)
    7. Heather (Calluna Vulgaris)
    8. Hops (Humulus lupulus)
    9. Horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.)
    10. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)
    11. Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)
    12. Saffron (Crocus sativus)
    13. Thistle, Blessed Holy (Carbenia benedictus)
    14. Thistles (Silybum marianum L)
    15. Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)
    16. Vervain (Verbena hastata, V. officinalis)
    17. White Horehound (Marrubium vulgare)
    18. White Sage (Salvia apiana)
    19. Wild Indigo (Baptisia tinctoria)
    20. Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L)
    21. Medicinal Herbs
  • brandyyoho
    9 years ago

    1. something you find beautiful or unusual in your flower bed
    2 orchids of any kind
    2 bromelaid seeds
    3ornamintal grass seeds
    4dwarf pomegranate any color
    5 dragon fruit any variety
    6 desert rose any color
    7 surprise me lol i love flowers
    8 any vegie

  • brittneysgran
    9 years ago

    1. Agastache

    1. Balloon Flowers-Doubles
    2. Bee Balm
    3. Chelone-Turtlehead
    4. Clematis
    5. Columbines
    6. Crockscrew Vine
    7. Cyclaman Hederifolium
    8. Dainthus
    9. Delphinium
    10. Foxgloves
    11. Gourds
    12. Hydrangeas
    13. Lavender
    14. Lupine
    15. Magnolia Vine
    16. Milkweed
    17. Penstemon
    18. Peony
    19. Pumpkins
    20. Snapdragons
    21. Sunflowers-Dwarf
    22. Sweet Williams
    23. Zinnias
    24. Black & White Flowers
    25. Vines
  • WonderWeasel
    9 years ago

    1. Moonflower
    2. Artemisia absinthium (wormwood)
    3. Orange thyme
    4. Any scented herb
    5. HOT peppers (habanero or hotter)
    6. Bell peppers
    7. Heather
    8. Your favorite heirloom tomatoes
    9. Azalea

    1. Any flowering shrub/tree
    2. Beans
    3. Any of your favorites; surprise me!
  • clipclop
    9 years ago

    I am excited to join the Swap again! Looked forward to it.
    My wish list
    money plant
    sugar snap peas
    tomatoes like sweet 100's
    large slicing tomato
    red okra
    any herb
    any flower
    I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Thanks Kym for making mine better!

  • bumpydan65
    9 years ago

    Hello Everyone! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope everyone is well and having a fantastic holiday season!
    -bumpydan65 (formerly dan-the-mailman)

    here's my wishlist, simple as it may be . I've been simplifying and raising my garden beds...
    painted daisies
    morning glories
    black-eyed susans
    black-eyed susan vines
    your favorite flower
    your favorite perennial

  • msirie
    9 years ago

    1. Ajuga
    2. Any Groundcover
    3. Dianthus
    4. Dragon's blood sedum - Any sedum
    5. Echinacea Coneflower (Pink, Orange, Red, etc)
    6. Heuchera
    7. Lamb's ears
    8. Lupine
    9. Marigold

    1. Poppy
    2. Petunia
    3. Purple hyacinth bean
    4. Rudbeckia Goldsturm
    5. Salvia Farinacea (Mealy Cup Sage)
    6. Shasta daisy
    7. Sweet pea
  • tessie83856
    9 years ago

    My wish list:
    Unusual hot peppers, such as Peter Pepper
    Mouse Melon, mexican sour gherkin
    Blackberry, yellow raspberry or any berry or fruit for zone 5
    Pine nuts- Korean or Swiss Stone pine
    Wild rice
    Winged bean
    Edible Chestnuts
    Snail Vine (Vigna caracalla)
    Peanut seed for short season
    Short snapdragons- any color
    Ornamental/fountain grass
    Dry bean seeds

  • grdngramma
    9 years ago

    Here's my wish list, I'm easy to please:

    Brandywine or Mr. Stripey tomatoes
    Tall big marigolds
    Globe amaranth (gomphrena globosa)
    African daisies
    Bells of Ireland
    Any rudbeckia
    Mexican sunflower
    Toad flax
    Baby's breath
    Bear's breeches (acanthus)
    Blazing star (liatris)
    False lupine (thermopsis caroliniana?)
    Goat's beard (aruncus)
    Red iceberg lettuce
    Litchi tomatoes
    Odd squashes or pumpkins or gourds
    Pretty much anything pretty or edible that will grow in zone 4

  • pseudacris_crucifer
    9 years ago

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    1. Black/purple color heirloom tomatoes
    2. Green color heirloom tomatoes
    3. Tomatillo
    4. Green beans
    5. Sugar snap peas
    6. Borage
    7. Nasturtiums
    8. Native iris species
    9. Lettuce

    1. Spinach
    2. Arugula
    3. Kale
    4. Cornsalad, mache, or other cold frame greens
    5. Chicory
    6. Scorzonera
    7. Salsify
    8. Diakon radish
    9. Native violets
    10. Hot pepper
    11. Really hot pepper
    12. Cilantro
    13. Anemone
    14. Native wildflowers for shade
    15. Dill
    16. Bleeding heart
    17. Seeds with a story behind them
    18. Really old heirloom anything
    19. You favorite Eastern US native wildflower
  • mastergarder2003
    9 years ago

    Thank you! All!
    Here is my wish list.

    1.Beets any
    3.Cool large pumpkins
    4.Snap dragons
    5.Candy Cane Zinnia or any large flower ones. of thorns Squash
    7.Ageratum Pink or white
    8. Tree Peony Yellow, or white or hot pink
    9.Large long day onions yellow or red
    10.Strawflowrs any
    11.Patty Pan Squash yellow or white or green
    12.Leaf lettuce any
    13.Tiny Purple peppers
    14 tiny christmas peppers
    15.Heirloom summer or winter squash
    16.Jacobs ladder
    17.Ladys Mantel.
    18.purple broccoli
    19.purple couliflower

    1. White max pumpkins
      21.Swiss Chard any
      22.Beets any
      23.white carrots
      24.Red or var. leaf lettuce
      25Tiny tators for next season
      26.eleph. garlic bulbs
      27.burlpless cukes.
    2. Any Yellow rose long or shrub.
    3. Liliums White any
      30.tall White Liliums or Casa blanc Lilys. any like these or cross white and pinks like star gaizer
      31.Kholrabi any
    4. White or choc morning glorys.
      Anything unusual
      love cool Squash.
      African Daisy
      Cosmo any/ cool colors
    5. any Large White flower/ Clematis
      34.Pink Pumpkins
      35.Banana pumpkins
      36.Vibernum Cranberry or Korean spice.
      37,Tomatos,Rutger,Morgage lifter,sw. 100,4th of July red,Jubilee red oval.any Black tomato heirloom. Black Kriim. ect...
      Thank you this is my first Christmas robin swap. Thank you. Merry Christmas I will love planting those seed. Grateful.
  • Margie Crawford
    9 years ago

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone for making this such a nice swap. My list:

    Agastache, Astello Indigo, Bolero, any
    Alyssum lobularia, Sweet Alyssum, any
    Basil, all kinds
    Black flowers
    Calendula, Touch of Red, Zeolights, any
    Filipendula rubra, Queen of the Prairie
    Four oâÂÂclocks
    Four oâÂÂclocks
    Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate
    Nicotiana, reds like Baby Bella or Crimson Bedder
    Nicotiana langsdorfii, Cream Splash
    Orach, Magenta Magic or similar
    Papaver somniferum (annual poppy)
    Salpiglossis (Painted Tongue)
    Salvias, annual & perennial
    Tricyrtis, toad lily, any
    Verbena bonariensis
    Perennials for shade
    Self-sowing annuals
    Anything you love to grow

  • intelkid
    9 years ago

    1. Angel's Trumpets "White" or "Red" (Brugmansia Suaveolens)
    2. Bird of Paradise
    3. Anemone
    4. COSMOS Red (Tetra Versailles), Seashells
    5. Desert Rose "Black Emperor"
    6. Plumeria (Plumeria pudica) Bloom Color: White/Near White
    7. Festuca "Powder Blue"
    8. Fuchsia "Blue Eyes"
    9. Iceplant "Starburst" (Delosperma floribunda)

    1. Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata Cylindrica 'Rubra')
    2. Jasmine "Tuscan Blue"
    3. Cosmos Chocolate
    4. Amaryllis
    5. Strobilanthes Persian Shield
    6. Neanthe Bella Palm - Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)
    7. Passion Flower "Blue"
    8. Oxblood Lilies (Rhodophiala bifida)
    9. Sensitive Plant / Touch-Me-Not (Mimosa Pudica)
    10. Telegraph Plant aka Semaphore Plant (Codariocalyx Motorius)
    11. Colorado Lily
    12. Dahlia - 'Red Pygmy' "Deep Red", "Bishop of Auckland", "Dahlia Collarette" 'Pooh' "Red & Yellow", "Black Beauty"
    13. Gladiolus "Arabian , Blue, White"
    14. Bamboo
    15. Mandevilla
    16. Columbine
    17. Rosemary
    18. Giant Starfish Flower (Stapelia Gigantea)
    19. Oxblood Lilies (Rhodophiala bifida)
    20. Dwarf variety anything
    21. Any plants and bulbs and any kind listed here is fine too. :)

    Thank You!

    Stay warm! Brrrr!

    ~Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays~


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  • kineticentity
    9 years ago

    Love this! Newbie here and would love to join in on the fun!

    1. Love Lies Bleeding
    2. Heliotrope
    3. Moss Rose
    4. Star Magnolia
    5. Desert Rose
    6. Blue Lobelia
    7. Foxglove (tall, darker colored)
    8. Snow in Summer
    9. Lavender

    1. Bunny Tails Grass
    2. Beauty berry bush
    3. Moon flower
    4. Sensitive plant
    5. Brugmansia
    6. English Ivy
    7. Morning Glory, Scarlet 'O Hara
    8. Mongolian Sunflower
    9. Love in a Mist
    10. Four O'Clocks - deep blue or purple
    11. Daisy - colorful
    12. Wisteria - blue moon or aunt Dee
    13. Baby's Breath
    14. Blackberry Lily
    15. Rock Cress
    16. Creeping Thyme
    17. Any plant that could thrive in shade under tall bushy maples that critters might like
    18. Love groundcovers
    19. Love houseplants too. Any nice ones for bright indirect light that can be started from seed? I'm DIYing a living wall indoors :)
    20. Your favorite dark green leafy perennial
    21. Anything you think I should try!

    Thank you for allowing me to participate!


  • cottonwood468
    9 years ago

    My wish list:
    1 portulaca
    2 phlox, red
    3 turtlehead/chelone native or any
    4 black turtle beans (now that turtle is mentioned)
    5 coleus, any
    6 centaurea
    7 cosmos, Seashells
    8 snail vine
    9 false indigo
    10 white marigold
    11 Jacob's Ladder
    12 Decapo Blue morning glory or any unusual mg
    13 Blue Picotee morning glory
    14 Livingstone daisy
    15 Flirty Skirts pansy or other fluffy pansy
    16 poppies, red or any
    17 tall Snapdragons
    18 tall columbines
    19 cottage garden flowers
    20 Aji Pineapple pepper
    21 Redhead radishes
    22 Painted Pony beans
    23 black hollyhocks or any hollyhocks or black flowers
    24 Prosperosa eggplant
    25 Violetta de Firenza eggplant
    26 Round Mauve eggplant
    27 Brazilian Orange eggplant
    28 woad
    29 Guatemalan vegetable
    30 coco de Mer, one seed only

    Mary E.

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  • primrose1x3
    9 years ago

    Another santa thrilled to be able to ride with the Rudolph Rangers again. Rudolph has promised to stick to Iceland Moss and not browse the following next summer -

    any flowers for summer color; I love blues in a partially shaded garden with shrub roses; Hope to make a white/moon garden in partial shade behind the house; love white/blue/orange and related hues on side and front gardens with more sun.

    Amsonia hubrichtii

    Cleome hassleriana white

    Dictamnus albus

    Impatiens glandulifera alba, or any species excluding walleriana or balsamina or capensis

    Hemerocallis (Daylily) - seeds from any Late, Fragrant ones, but prefer white, cream, pale yellow, sherbet- or burnt-orange/apricot or very dark dusky reds or purples

    Papaver (Poppy) - any low, ground-hugging species, like Papaver triniifolium (already have P. alpinum. Lower cultivars of Papaver nudicaule would be wonderful.

    Papaver rhoeas 'Dawn Chorus' or 'Angels' Choir' - includes taupes, dusky colors, tiny sharp apricots, doubles

    Petunia - fragrant; including velvet dark purple or white or veined or Aladdin's Lamp

    Salvia arizonica (z5, dry shade, long-blooming)

    Salvia azurea grandiflora white/alba

    Salvia chamaedryoides (silver leaves; blue or white flowers)

    Salvia cyanescens - blue or white flowers

    Salvia greggii or its hybrids - white or near-white flowers

    Salvia guarnitica

    Salvia hypargeia

    Salvia jurisicii

    Salvia rubescens

    Torenia - bicolor black-purple with violet-blue or similar

    Tropaeolum (Nasturtiums) - cream, yellow-tinged white, apricot, orange, black-red; prefer trailers; any unusual species, as well as more common ones

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Woody Plants -

    Daphne mezereum alba

    Prunus mume

    - - - - - - - - -


    Trachelospermum jasminoides

  • cottonwood468
    9 years ago

    bumping it back up..and again.

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