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clivia question

9 years ago

I asked this on the clivia forum but it doesn't seem to be moving. I thought clivias bloom early summer and go on all summer, am I right? Mine has decided to flower now. This is the second plant blooming and its been blooming for about 3 weeks. I don't have a cold room to put them in so I put them on the windowsill in my office where its cooler. It doesn't get any direct sunlight because of the roof overhang. My question is, I stopped fertilizing in August, then the plant started to bud up. The stalk always starts down in the leaves and gradually gets taller. I have fertilized once or twice since the stalk started growing. Some of the flowers are past and I really don't want seed pods to form so should I just cut the stalk off? After it's finished flowering, should I stop fertilizing and give it a rest? Marg

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