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espaliered fruit trees as fence - varieties and sources?

11 years ago

I am a recent first time home owner and I am planning to substitute the ugly chainlink fence between us and our neighbor on the south with a living fence of espaliered trees. the plan for now is using the Belgian fence espalier, but could change my mind. I am a conplete beginner and need help from the experts. I live in Washington DC (zone 7a), hot and very humid in the summer. so far I am considering apples, pears or apricots and wondering which types thrive in my area (and are suitable to be espaliered). also, I am looking for advice on sources (even online) for plants that have already been started in shape (there is a brick and mortar store in my area with some plants but they are very large and expensive, and not in the Belgian shape). I found online this nursery with reasonable prices, but I am concerned because I checked reviews and several were good except for the most recent two, which were negative alleging orders taken but plants never shipped. if anybody has had recent good experience with this company, or any other nursery (in my area, or online), please let me know. I would like to order right now and get the plants this week end or next week at the latest. also, I would like to espalier an apricot against the wall of the house. again, I would welcome suggestions on varieties of apricots that thrive in DC. the wall is facing west and takes the brunt of afternoon sun. is it too hot for a plant to be espaliered against that wall? hope my questions don't sounds silly, I am a beginner and I am not completely sure what I am doing, but happy and eager to try and to benefit form advice and suggestions from seasoned gardeners. thanks in advance

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