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Cleaning out my seedbox. SASBE offers part 2

12 years ago

I am cleaning out my seedbox. All the seeds on my GW seed trade-list are available for SASBE. I have enough seeds for the first 5 people who post here. I will send emails to each of the 5 people in the order they post here. I will fill person #1's wish list, then update my seed tradelist, then email person #2 for their wishlist, then update my seed trade-list etc.

For each of the 5 people who send me 3 44-cent stamps for return postage, a return mailing address label, and a small bubble envelope I will mail back to them 7 packages of seeds. If you do not send a bubble envelope I will use 1 of your stamps to mail back to you your other 2 stamps without seeds. Sometimes postal ink stamps make return addresses unreadable, so I require you please send me an address label.

Again post here first. And the first person to post here please email me your wishlist.

Best to you and many thanks,

Sandra aka quiltingfox

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