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Tomato Seed Swap

14 years ago

OK...back in the Gardenweb saddle after a long absence. After rebuilding my garden this year, and planning some additions next year, I have finally caught the gardening bug again.

I am hosting a swap, that might be a little different. I hope I have this in the right spot!

This is how it works...

a) 10 signups available (11 total gardeners, incl. me)

b) Each gardener sends in 10 packets of THE SAME KIND OF SEED!

c) More than one variety of tomato seed is welcome, as long as there are 10 packets of each!

d) Please, when you sign up, let me know what kinds of tomatoe seed you will be contributing, so we keep duplicates to a minium.

e) STORE BOUGHT SEEDS OK!! It very well might be the case some of my contributions are store bought!

d) Package info: Standard tomato variety information please..esp OP if home grown, and seed company info if store bought.

e) I like to run drama free swaps ;o)

When you sign up, I'll email you my addy and reminders as the time gets closer, as well as updates.

DEADLINE: Received to me (not postmarked) by January 2, 2010

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