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Help- Can't Figure It Out - Everything (multiple veggies) is Wilt

RLynn Shell
12 years ago

My raised bed garden (in McKinney, just north of Dallas, TX) was going gangbusters. Now it seems to be dying just as quickly. Worried that I might be overwatering, I took my handy Rapidtest moisture doodad out there, and it indicated that I was approaching too moist, so I backed off. I started checking every morning to determine if I needed to water that day - kept saying mid-moist, so I let be. And everything just kept getting yellower.

There are spots in the bed where it says the moisture is fine - but the soil is cracking!! Surely it can't be moist??

I've posted pictures at - someone please help - this is my first year attempting to garden and I was so excited with the growth and now I am devastated.

Veggies in question are straightneck yellow squash, cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes and butternut squash.

All the berries on the blueberry shrubs have also withered - I keep watering and the meter keeps leaning towards too dry.

Frustrated beyond belief!


Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of Desperate Garden

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