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Want Heirloom Tomato Seeds,Many Different VeggieVariety to Trade

16 years ago

I am looking for a variety of heirloom tomato seeds, especially unusual ones. I have many veggie and herb seeds to trade. Here is a list!

Carrots~ Short and Sweet, Thumbelina, Danvers Half Long regular seed and on tape, a few Blood Red, a few NUtri-Red, a few Purple Dragon and a Rainbow mix

Leafy Veggies~ Bibb Lettuce, Grand Rapids Lettuce, Rocket Arugula, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Mesculn

Misc. Veg~ Hollow Crown Parsnip, Evergreen Long White Bunching Scallion Onion, White Lisbon Onion/Scallion, Florence Fennel, Tall Utah Celery Improved, Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Pumpkins~ I have a few of Each~ Jack-O-Lantern, Triple Treat, Early Sweet Sugar Pie

Basil~ Lime, Green and Purple Ruffles Mix, Regular Purple, Summerlong Late Flowering

Radish~ Easter Egg Mix, White Icicle, Fire and Ice, Cherry Belle, Cook's Custom Mix which is a mix of Champion, d'Avingnon, Pink Beauty, Purple Plum, Snowball, and Sparkler Radish on tape

Beets~ Cylindra, Gormet Duo which is a mix Golden and Red Ball, Detriot Dark Red

Corn~ I have a few of Sugar Dots Hybrid, Golden Cross Bantam Hybrid

Cukes~ I have a few of each~ Sumter, Straight 8

PLease email me and let me know if you are interested in trading. Thanks so much! Christy

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