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Wanted: Pineapple Tomatillos/Ground Cherry and/or Sungold

13 years ago

Hi all.. this is my first season EVER trying to grow ANYTHING. I am a little apprehensive, and just hoping something can come to fruition.

I am looking for pineapple tomatillos or ground cherry. I may be wrong, but I think they are the same? I just need a few+ seeds to try. I live in Austin TX, so I am hoping that I am not too late to give them a whirl. I am also growing some black krim and yellow pear., and the purple de milpa tomatillo.

Anyone who has grown the pineapple and wishes to share their thoughts, please do so.

I can send a SASE. I have some packaged seeds, and some shrimp plant seeds that grow on my property already.

Thanks for your assistance and help!

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