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chicken coop inspirations

15 years ago

I just found this site with wonderful inspiration for chicken coops. I kept searching on google and yahoo and the same sites kept coming up. I had 13 pages of results so the last time I searched I decided to start on page 13 of the results and work backwards. that is how I came upon this gem of a site. I am always looking for cool ideas. the website is there are cool ideas and if you look at the pictures really well I think you will find most of the coops are pretty simple to make. Even though the site does not offer instructions, the ideas are free!!! If anyone would like to show off coops they made how about posting here? Everyone that owns chickens or wants to own chickens want these inspirations. I need to make my coop in a couple of weeks and I am not paying for ideas or instructions. Hopefully it does not come out looking like a hot ghetto mess. LOL

I also love photos so please post your ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: city chicken coop cool is this??

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