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What is an easier way to bring water to the chicken coop in winter

Anna Cunningham
7 years ago

Need you help. With million of chores and a trouble maker of a toddler alone in the house while I run to the chickens, I am looking for a easiest way to bring water to the chickens in winter.

2 buckets and 2 trips is what I used to do, but that does not work for me. It is not enough for the chickens and even small buckets are too heavy for me, the coop is too far away and up the hill - 200 feet or so. Luckily t, there is an outlet in the coop.

I am thinking:

1. Keeping a bog plastic barrel in the coop and floating water heater. But how do I keep all the yucky stuff from growing in the water. And to refill it would be extremely hard

2. heated hose, base heater and automatic waterer.

(Not sure how that works though, since we close off the faucets running from the outside of the house in winter> would the faucet freeze? What to do to avoid freezing?

2. digging a 4 ft deep trench and running water up the chicken coop, since I am also planning to plant fruit trees near the coop.

Last 2 options would cost a fortune.

Please share your experience and advice.

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