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Newbies to raising chickens and need some guidance!

15 years ago

Hello! We live at 3500 feet in Northern California and have an enclosed coop, with warming light 18" above the our birds that keeps the temp at 95 degrees right under the light and cooler off to the sides. Last Friday we brought home 6 Ameracauna chicks, a Silver Seabright Bantie, 2 Polish chicks and a couple of others (that we honestly do not know what they are). At 10 weeks old, the Ameracaunas are a little older than all the others, but still contained in the same big metal tub and under the heat lamp. We knew it was possible to lose some of the chicks, but we've lost 3 (all different breeds)in the past 2 days. The feed store where we got them said that 1 out of 10 don't handle the stress of the move and will die. On top of this, 2 of our Ameracaunas have a "weepy" eye. I have some antibiotic eye ointment from the vet, Terrmycin (?) and am wondering if I could use this or if you all have other suggestions.

Between the 3 chicks and the eye thing, I am wondering if we purchased some unhealthy birds or if this is all normal stuff. If we have more "problems", I'm thinking we won't go back to that particular feed store or purchase from the particular hatchery they came from. Am I being unreasonable?

Also, one of the little ones had poop stuck to it's rear, and we used a baby wipe to try to get it off. It did come off, but so did the feathers that were stuck in the poop -- and now his little butt is bare and tender. Can I put Neosporin on it?

Sorry for the length and thanks in advance for your great words of wisdom. My kids are freaking out ......

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