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Want: daylily and hosta seeds (any) have: OP tomato, pepper, herb

12 years ago


I have been growing edibles (especially tomatoes, peppers, and herbs) and this year I have decided to start trying flowers!

I have seeds for Blackberry Lilies and some perennial and annual flowers already set up for winter sowing.

What I would really like to try is daylilies and hostas and similar pretties that can be wintersown. I don't mind if they are named, I would prefer if I knew what color they were (but if I don't, that's OK). I'm not picky.

I have a lot of heirloom tomatoes and some OP peppers that I would be willing to share. I also have a good collection of herbs, and some other perennial and annual flower seeds. My trade list is woefully out of date. If you let me know what you like I can probably suggest something to you (or I can type up my list for you.)

I also have a commercial "rainbow heirloom beefsteak tomato" pack (different colors mixed, not one variety) that came with a kit of veggie seeds (2010) that I would be thrilled to trade w/ someone who would like to experience the joy of growing mystery tomatoes (I'm over that).



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