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WANTED: Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia Nummularia)Will trade lots...

14 years ago

Okay, I will trade ANYTHING for creeping jenny seeds or cuttings. Creeping Jenny is also known as:


herb tuppence

If you have this, please contact me. We can work something out.

For trade, I have:

Red Columbine 10 seeds

Great Lakes Lettuce about 80 seeds

Prizehead Lettuce About 40 seeds

Scarlet O' Hara Morning Flory about 40 seeds

Brandywone Tomatoes 5 seeds

Long Red Cayenne 30 seeds

Nantes Carrots 30 seeds

Alyssum Basket of Gold (Aurinia Saxatilis) 30+ seeds

Painted Daisy (Chrysanthemum Coccineum) 30+ seeds

California Wonder Bell Peppers 10 seeds

Bi-colored Goblin (Gaillardia Aristata) 30 seeds

Parsley "Moss Curled" 15-20 seeds

Purple Hull Beans - 4 beans

Assorted Climbing Beans- 10-15 seeds

Sweet Banana Peppers- 20 seeds

Plus, cantaloupe and watermellon seeds (lots)

I also have passiflora seeds incoming soon.

If there's a vegetable you've been looking for and can't find, I will go out and buy it (there are farming supply stores around my house) just for this plant. I would like to get at least 5 seeds, but will trade for as many seeds as you can offer.

Does anyone have creeping jenny?

I'll also take other bog plants that will thrive in clay... but creeping jenny is my #1 want.

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