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HAVE: A Big List To Trade...Check it out :D

9 years ago


Below is my list of what I have to trade.
The numbers next to the name are how many packets of each I have. A lot of these I have rec'd from fellow swappers and since I'm not using them I figured I'd list them to see if they can find some forever homes, lol.

As you can see I have a few different coneflowers listed. These are not from my garden and I did not collect the seeds. Most coneflowers are not true to seed and will revert back to original color. However, it is fun to experiment with them and see what you get, that's why they are listed. :)

Yarrow: Terra Cotta 14
Asclepsia Incarnata: Cinderella 5
Hibiscus: Rose Mallow 13
Showy Tick Trefoil 1
Verbena Romance Scarlet Tye 1
Yarrow: Moonshine 1
Yellow Grass 1
Salvia: Blue Victoria 1
Columbine: Rocky Mountain Blue 1
Vitex: Purple 1
Red Touch Me Knot 1
Daisy: Alaska 1
Asclepsia Curassavica: Apollo Yellow 1
Petunia: Titan Salmon 1
Hardy Hibiscus: Fleming 1
Wild Columbine: Aquelia Candensis 1
Gaillardia: Fiesta Daisy 1
Gaillardia: Goblin 1
Rudbeckia: Prairie Sun 1
Ornamental Pepper: Black Olive 1
Pansy: Black Devil 1
Sungold Tomato 1
Golden Yarrow
Tall Pink Hibiscus Perrenial 1
Strawflower: Tetra Red 1
Tomato: Banana Legs 1
Coreopsis Tripteris: Tall Tickseed 1
Lupine: Tutti Fruity 1
Wallflower: Yellow 1
Tomato: Ground Cherry 1
German Statice 1
Hollyhock: Black Watchman 1
Parsley: Dark Green Italian 1
Painted Daisy: Polar Star 1
Haley's Comet Purple Tomato: Small Cherokee Purple 1
Tomato: Break O'Day 1
Tomato: Garden Peach 1
Veronica: Speedwell: White 1
Gaillardia: Frenzy 1
Tomato: Great White 1
Tomato: Japanese Black Trifele 1
Bachelor Buttons: Blue Boy 1
Dianthus: Pink 1
Shasta Daisy: 1
Nicotiana: Big Mouth 1
Gladiolus Carneus 1
Butterfly Bush: Mixed Colors 1
Candytuft 1
Asarina Erubescens 1
Agastache: Apache Sunset 1
Celosia: First Flame Orange 1
Coneflower: Sombrero 1
Small Yellow Foxglove 1
Foxglove: No color ID 1
Henbane 1
Petunia: Blackberry Sundae 1
Lemon Balm 1
Rose Campion 1
Coneflower: Pow Wow White 1
Mum: Pink Daisy 1
Blackberry Lily 1
Dianthus: Deep Purple 1
Tomato: Tiny Tim 1
Daisy Mum: Pink/ Yellow 1
Salvia Nemorosa 1
Coneflower: Pink Double Delight 1
Japanese Parsley: Mashimori 1
Solanum Atropurpureum: Malevolence 1
Salvia: Coral Nymph 1
Columbine: Mixed colors 1
Androsace x Pedemontana (Rock Jasmine) White: 1

I'm not really looking for anything in particular.

I would like to try some different lettuce types this year in my veggie garden.

And, I love trying new flowers. Especially ones with Halloween themed names. Or oranges/ them!

Just let me know you have and maybe we can make a trade.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

ps. I'm not offering seeds for postage at this time.

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