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Any reason a Self Watering Container wouldn't wick water?

11 years ago

I know there's some great info on self watering containers in the forum. I think I've read all of it (!) and I have one question..

I'm using SWC's for the first time. I'm using A1's SWC soil recipe. When I first filled the containers I soaked the soil completely and filled the reservoirs. It just didn't seem like the soil has been very damp below the plants. I am using the finger test, just basically sticking my finger in as far as it goes. It's not bone dry, but not much of any moisture either. The reservoirs have stayed pretty much full and haven't needed filling.

So I guess what I'm asking is: is there a certain amount of time that it takes before the water from the reservoir wicks up to the plant roots? Is it necessary to top water for a week or so until this starts happening? I'm using vegetable starts and it just doesn't seem like the roots reach deep enough to reach the water..

Also, I did read about using some string as a wick to check moisture levels, but do any of those products that tell you when to water work? I know that the whole point with SWC's are to just keep the reservoirs full, but.. I guess I just don't trust it yet..


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