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Cottage garden suggestions.

17 years ago

I posted this over at the cottage garden area but thought it would be better to post it here.

This is the situation, my husband and I own a small cottage next door which we plan on renting out as a daily/weekend rental. It has to ooze curb appeal. I am in the process of planning the garden for next year. It's decorated inside as kind of a shabby chic victorian with touches of Colonial Georgian.

I need an easy garden with loads of color, I completely relandscaped our own home this year because of a basement addition and did almost exclusively flowering shrubs. I moved a lot of my flowers to the cottage because the dirt they used to be in was gone. The only things that seemed to like it over there were the daisies and salvia. I put three rhodies there too temporarily but they seem to LOVE it and I probably will try to work around them.

I am in zone 5, the front of the house faces East, there is quite a bit of shade because of a maple tree. I'd say at best it's partly sunny.

The plan is to next year, have a white picket fence at the sidewalk, with a trellis and gate going into the house at the sidewalk.

Some things that are there already are the ever lovely orange ditch weeds on the one side in rather unattractive grouping. The other side of the yard has some pink peonies and two Miss Kim Lilacs that I had to move from here. I really only need ideas for plants.

For whatever reason, I can't see what to do. I normally see how something should look and can plan accordingly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Riddle Cottage

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