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Suggestions For Flowers To Go into Crowded Cottage Garden?

I have a small sunny garden that is already pretty full of plants, but it has definite times (late spring, early summer) when not much is blooming. I'd like to find some flowers to wintersow that could be planted (wedged?) between tall flowers such as David Phlox. From June onwards, anything less than a foot and a half tall would not get any direct sun because it would be shaded by the existing plants. I tried echinacea, but it seems to be struggling a little. I just planted some foxglove seedlings in there, but I don't know how they will do either. Princess Victoria Louise poppy is definitely struggling, which bums me out because I would love to get this going in that garden.

Does anyone have any other ideas for flowers that could handle being planted among other tall flowers? Suggested flowers would have to be at least 2 1/2 feet tall, in order to be seen behind the tall lavender at the front of the garden. Preferred colors would be almost any shade of pink or crimson (not orangey) red. I already have a lot of purple and some white; lavender, Brookside cranesbill, David Phlox, purple Balloon Flower, purple and white clematis growing over an armillary in the middle, tree hydrangea behind the garden, red tulips, white and purple iris.


Lois in PA

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