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Cutting Bottom leaves off tomato plants

14 years ago

I read on a topic from last year that some of you opted to remove the leggy leaves on the tomato plants that are not in cages but only staked. The bottom leaves are huge and dragging on the ground, the plants are growing like rag weed and it is only in the ground three weeks now. Some are already more than two feet tall and branching off a lot. I prune the new shoots from most stems but I dont get them all. These are all being grown organically in the soil mixed with compost in a tomato bed which I have planted 10 plants. The only problems I have had were black flies by the millions, couple days ago I sprayed with dish soap and water and today I looked, and there is not one fly about. SEcondly if I cut the bottom lapping leaves off at which point should I stop near the base of the stem or what? The plants are looking very healthy and they are all fruiting and or in bloom already.

I also accidentally planted cukes in a bed behind the tomatoes, they are not in the same soil or bed, but was wondering if the vicninty will infect each other?

Thanks in advance.

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