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How far/close should the shrubs to the house foundation?

11 years ago

I have post the same question on new england garden and got suggestion to post it here. And keep in mind I am very new to gardening and plants please. Anyway, here it goes

The builder put some shrubs in the front of our colonial style house, weigela, rhododedron and emerald green arbor. I am a little worried that the arbor will grow too tall and too close to the foundation. So the other day I replaced the arbor with pieris. We want some foundation plants but since our main entrance is double sided stairs that paralle to the house foundation, there are little space that we can plant the shrubs. From the foundation to the stair's inner edge is 2 feet only. Normally how close a shrubs can be planted near the foundation to avoid root crack into foundation and insects finds their way to the shingles? What are other candidates that we should look for if those shrubs are not suitable for the foundation? I think I am gonna move the weigela if I found something suitable in side wise. They are not happy here (did not get full sun because it is east and the big tree's shadow).

here are the tags for these plant(understood that they might not accurate):

Scarlett O'Hara Pieris average size (3'X2')

Reseum Elegans Rhododendron average sise (8'X10')

Variegated Weigela average size (6'X6')

And some pictures of the house front and a non-scaled drawing of the lot.

Are they too close to the foundation?


From the main entrance look down, they will block the path when you get down the stair


House Front from street level


Foundation and mudroom entrance


Lot layout (House faces east), I moved the arbor to the south side of backyard, we lack privacy screen on this side of our backyard and the southwest corner.


Thanks for any suggestions


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