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New house, new state, need landscaping advice, PLEASE!

10 years ago

We are moving from SW PA to coastal DE and our new home is a blank slate. I'm doing well with inside, but the outside is giving me problems.

I currently live in a home w/ 50 acres and have spent 30 years planting and moving. Its finally to the point where I love it-- low maintenance, nice color spring through fall, and I adore my pond w/ frogs and fish.

Now we are moving into a "development" and I want to do something different. The neighbors have, for the most part, had their builders or landscapers design and plant and maintain and most of the houses look similar in design/ materials.

I want to do something different, nicer (!!!), but am not very familiar with the types of plants to use. I've seen many different plants that I like that were unfamiliar to me (camillia, crape myrtle, magnolia, etc) that I would like to include, and I want to take some ideas from our current house with me (Thundercloud plum trees, liriope, wiegelia, etc.)

Does anyone know of any resources (purchased or online) that could help me? The builder wants to plant the sod in November, and the larger trees then also (I have an allowance for planting materials) so I have to get cracking on this.

Or does anyone have any advice or suggestions for perennials, trees, etc? It's a small (slightly under 1/2 acre) lot, the front of the house faces east, and the back is dense with trees after about 100' from the house.

Any, and I do mean ANY, help would be so appreciated!

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