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How to reduce surrounding noise in patio area?

12 years ago

My new home is built in a "tradional" neighborhood. Zone 5/6 ( PA ) Meaning, very small yards and all the houses are very close.

I opted to have a side yard vrs. a back yard. I have a patio with roof and about 15 feet of grass space outward from there. The length of this area is about 50 feet.

My plan is to put in a nice privacy/garden fence with a gate near the front of the house. I will be having flower beds put in and a small pond.

Well, my neighbors air conditioner is right smack dab in the center of this area. The noise from this unit is horrible ! I'm looking for ideas to dramatically reduce the noise from thier unit.

Will a fence cut down on the noise? Is one fence better for that than another? Any particular smallish trees, shrubs that can help?

I think the sound of my running pond/waterfall will help, but I believe I need more than just that to lessen all the racket that is coming from thier unit.


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