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HAVE: Plant for plant trade

10 years ago

I have to trade variegated Cuban oregano plants (rooted)
honey suckle vines (rooted)
Black Pearl pepper, Blue Filius plants-these can do well in pots for inside growing if you are in colder zones like I am)
Lion's Tail plants
Cranberry, red E.E
Sugar Loaf Pineapple plant
vanilla bean vine (well rooted)
Cambodian Asian Black Sugar cane plant
Dragon Fruit cuttings (have several varieties)
Dwarf banana pups
Plectranthus-Mona Lavender plants
Variegated Stromanthe Triostar plants

Goto Kola
Fo-Ti-(Elixir of Life)
Coleus forskohlii
African Blue Lemon basil plants
Green Pepper basil plants
mixed alpine strawberry plants (can be Pineapple Crush, White Soul and or Mignonette)

LOOKING TO TRADE FOR: That can be grown in pots for zone 5a PLEASE ONLY ROOTED, I do not do well with having to root them myself,even if it takes you a month, I can wait and we can set it up when ready

Dwarf FRUITING olive tree (green olives would be fantastic but will also do for black olives)
Dwarf re-blooming lilac tree
Dwarf orange tree (with sweet flavor, not the bitter ones please)
Dwarf Blood orange tree
other tropical fruiting plants and trees that can be grown in containers
Black or Blue bamboo that can be grown in pots
other Purple or Red sugar cane
Cocoa tree

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