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Container Soil Mix - Annuals in Large Containers

15 years ago

I would like your opinions on of which of Al's container mixes you would use for large containers on a rooftop deck. I have to be honest that I'm too lazy to read through the volumes associated with this topic. So feel free to give me your real world biased opinions :-)

The deck receives full sun and the containers require watering twice a day in mid-summer. I have been using Miracle Grow container mix in the past and it has performed well. Last year I used 50% new mix and 50% old mix (from 2007's pots). This worked well but the soil was definately "spent" by the end of the season. My hope is to use a soil-less mix that has a life span of a few seasons (with supplementing volume and nutrients as needed). One more factor is that I have to haul everything up four flights of steps each year. I also plan on using some type of drip irrigation system this year...two hours of watering a day is just too much. Weight should also be a consideration.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. I'm attaching a URL that should give you an idea of the size of my plants and containers.

Take care, Pat

Here is a link that might be useful: Rooftop Deck 2008

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