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Al's Gritty Mix Questions (Blood Orange and Reliance Grapes)

11 years ago


I think I've spent the better part of 6-8 hours trying to learn everything I can about Al's Gritty Mix.

Gran-i-Grit is basically impossible to get here. I saw Manna Pro, and read that that was okay but in the end I picked up some drab white aquarium gravel in it's place. I read in a thread that was a viable alternative. Hopefully this is correct but if I HAVE to get the Manna Pro, I will.

I ordered Turface MVP and 1/16" to 1/4" Orchid Pine Bark from Amazon and those should be here within the week.

I purchased a Tarocco Blood Orange tree that is 3 years old. It should be arriving this week. I also purchased a Reliance Grape vine that is from Home Depot. I've read that woody plants like these THRIVE in the Gritty Mix. Both will be transplanted into what I assume is a 5-Gallon pot. It's the standard terra cotta kind with a 12" top diameter. I could be mistaken on the gallon amount.

Now the questions.

Did I do okay with the Gritty Mix? Is the ratio still going to be 1:1:1? I've read that the best fertilizer to obtain is Foliage-Pro, is this still the case? What will my watering and feeding schedule look like? I've read a thread that you use a weak fertilizer 3 out of 4 times with the 4th being a water flush of the accumulated salts.

With the Reliance, I DO intend to plant her in the ground when I have a house to call my own, will she produce fruit or should I do anything fancy with her in the meantime? Are there any books I should look into for good, solid information?

With the Blood Orange, should I do anything different?

All help is welcome and I'm open to all suggestions. I apologize for all the questions. This is my first time having both plants although I love to garden with vegetables so any help is very much appreciated.

I can also post pics if that will help at all.

Thank you.

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