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*~ Lost in Space ~*...I mean Lost in Soil

19 years ago

Hmph. I cannot seem to find Serissa in my Garden book. Am I looking under the wrong name? It is a Sunset Western Garden book which usually has much of what I need but NO Serissa. I even looked under Snow Rose. Since I only have two semesters of horticultural education and am still a novice gardener I figure I just don't have the right library yet. Any suggestions on where to get the best info on my Serissa and on what other book might be helpful? This might help:

I am a long-time hobbiest-gardener in coastal northern california; zone 9 or Zone 17 according to Sunset and their codes. my info/book needs, based on my interests, are:

* bonsai, starting from seedlings and I am considering taking a shot at air layering for larger plants.

* bamboo, bulbs--all kinds, roses, maples, pines and cedars.

Thanks a bunch for any helpful info


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