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Layering a calamondin

17 years ago

I have a calamondin and two months ago I layered a pencil or slightly larger branch. I cut about 1 1/2 the diameter measurement down the branch and cut the bark away and scraped the bright green layer away. I wrapped it in wet sphagnum moss, wrapped it with cellophane and wrapped wire lightly around the ball to hold it. ItÂs been that way for 2 months. I can see the ball has stayed moist the whole time and the branch thatÂs being layered has new shoots and flowers all over it. How much longer should I wait before I cut the layered branch off and plant it, another month or now? IÂm guessing if I wait longer, no harm is done, Ill just have less die back. Any input any one? Thanks.

(Take your time to this question. Its your time and your leisure and IÂm obliged by your answer.

See that WaterTitan, thatÂs how a question is asked.)

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