Balcony Gardening in South Florida facing South

7 years ago

Last June I moved to a 15th floor condo in South Florida; I (never assume!) didn't feel overly challenged as I am from South Louisiana. Boy was I dumb.

First off, in my ignorance, I had never accounted for the wind, as this is my first high-rise. I also think the hot air is less humid than that in Louisiana. My poor plants went through a holocaust (I don't want to use that term lightly, but I felt terrible about what happened).

I should mention a few things; one, my Mother was a real green thumb...and I am a kind of yellow thumb, much less adept than she wasG but somewhat educated by her. Second, all of the plants in question I either purchased or propagated in Florida.

I found a pineapple top in a supermarket parking lot and grew it; it is still thriving. My friend gave me a small palm which did well untill this winter, and it is browning. None of my herbs made it. A native tomato (Everglades) died on arrival. I now keep succulents (aloe, Cacti) out there for the most part. Can't recall how many flowers Impatience, a few others that were given to me. This has been very upsetting. My houseplants do me the favor of thriving. Please advise...I hear that fruit trees may do well but I do not wish to kill anything else...if possible, as I got into this forum following the purchase of 2 Gardenias. They are indoors and currently behaving.

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