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the nfl network (nfln)

16 years ago

The first time I saw this station on Dish Network (part of my basic 150 plan), I was a bit sceptical. I figured that the high paying networks would get the cream and NFLN would get stuck with the third string offesive tackle interviews and sucky low market games. Man was I wrong. This is turning into one of my favorite sports channels. I have three kids and my wife and I work full time so I don't get a chance to watch many games anymore, so I particularly enjoy the NFL Instant Replay, where they take the top couple games of the week, edit out all the timeouts and pauses between plays, they cut in postgame interviews of players, coaches and ad in conversations cought on camera between coaches and players that you would never see in a live game. It's almost like watching a cross between an old NFL Films video and a live game. This network offers a great product and I predict that it will be a much bigger part of the future of NFL games on live TV. I can even see a day when The NFL is totally off commercial TV and on just a couple pay networks (Hope that doesn't happen though.).


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