Summer blossom

tuppitooFebruary 24, 2014

The bees are having a great time in the lateSummer. we still have a few red plums a few green and the bees busy pollinating for next seasons crop'

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Well, it's about time you posted a post, Chas. Just joking, of course. By the way, do you grow raspberries where you are? I love 'em but they're 7 bucks a punnet here in the supermarket; even dearer than blueberries, which are currently 2 for 6 bucks. unfortunately it isn't cold enough in winter for many of the berries to set fruit in my climate; about the best I can do is grow dwarf mulberries - I've just planted a tree this season. Oh, and maybe strawberries but the bloody birds gobble up all of them and I can be bothered with mucking around with nets and stuff.

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H ello Bill,
This is the Harpephillum Caffra. Caffra plum or Kaffir plum and other names. So much joy every year with the bees and visiting and resident birds.Yesterday we had magpies Butcher birds and a Currawong warbling at the same time in the area- not that they live here but nearby-in populous Melbournne!! but no raspberries. I recently obtained
10 Kangaroo Paw seedlings and will have some fun experimenting withn them in my un-scientiific way-but I'll have to hurry-footy season is starting!!

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How nice to see all the old names still here, BIll, Chas, Misty, Alison, and many other old regulars showing those lovely photos. Hopefully I shall be popping in again, now I've gone back to ASDL, quicker and more space.thanks for your welcome Bill.

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Good to have you triciac. Bloody cold here today, in Terranora, just west of Tweed Heads. Bet it's damn chilly in Geelong, ay!

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