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shnillyJanuary 18, 2014

Hi all.

I have recently moved and am struggling to get much direct sun to grow anything. I do get a fair amount for about 2 hours on my balcony (not much) although the temperature is about 25-30 degrees most days.

I am wanting to grow herbs (basil, corriander, mint) and a range of different chillies which i know love sun. So I decided to put a greenhouse on the balcony and thought that might work.

My question is:

My greenhouse came with two covers. A clear plastic one and a shade mesh one. Ive searched and searched for answers but cant find anything on this. Which one should I be using? Im on the east coast in Sydney.

Thanks for any help

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Which way does your balcony face? Sounds like South but maybe you have shade from trees.
As for the "greenhouse" I'd be using the shade-cloth in summer. But I have no experience with that setup, in larger glass-houses/green-houses you need to have air-movement.
I assume that there are some decent sized air holes in the setup with the clear plastic otherwise the temperature will climb steeply on sunny days.
Sorry, not much help, one important prop is a cheap thermometer.

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I really do think you'll need more sun than just 2 hours a day; don't think you are going to have much luck otherwise. You live in Sydney, ok, if you can organise to get at least 5 hours of sun, more if you can, I'd favour the shade cloth - is it mesh? - in summer, when you get most sunlight, and in the subdued light of winter, the clear plastic. Even so, I wouldn't plant anything until the days begin to lengthen; August at the earliest. Just ensure you have some air circulation.


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