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Let's play with my Snazzy Garottage project

10 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago
We're building a carriage house (we prefer the term garottage) on a lot behind our house this summer. It will function as garage space (mainly boat/shed storage) with simple guest quarters above. Our original garottage is pictured above... Haha, it was truly a garROTage, built in 1940, I think. It was torn down last fall. Please don't bother telling me how to fix THAT garottage--IT'S GONE NOW! :) I used it as the dilemma icon to remind me how far we'll get with something "snazzier". :)

To be economical, we're planning on a 2-story structure. The new garottage must meet city code and have more living than garage space--61% living space--but the city is allowing a screened porch to count as living (Yay!) so we want to incorporate that on the structure. We hope to get 2br, 1 bath, a kitchen(ette) and laundry from the living space above, and a large-ish garage space below. This is a summer vacation spot and family/guest overflow space is what we're after!

We're meeting with the city planner and our builder/carpenter this weekend. We have some general ideas from looking at plans online, but have not purchased any yet. We'll know more soon about what we can and can't do after talking to our people here.

I don't have a specific dilemma/question yet, but started the thread to have a spot to be able to do that. I'm sure I'll have TONS of things I'll need opinions about! So, I'd appreciate any feedback as this project moves along! I'm terrible at envisioning things, and more terrible at decorating, so I hope the feedback, suggestions, advice and encouragement will keep me sane and make this a snazzy garottage worthy of the lovely setting it's on. Thank you! :)

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