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Displaying objects in small home

10 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Small house...and I am a collector! By small...1400 square feet, cottage style pitched roof, in which I am putting arts and crafts style windows. My sons tell me I have too much stuff. To be clear, this stuff is not dollar store; it is antiques, family heirlooms, Japanese ceramics my dad bought in 1948, lovely gifts from friends, etc. I have been downsizing and still have a lot of nice things, which I currently seasonally rotate through my house. I am also an artist, as well as other members of my family, and friend, so I have boatloads of original art...I am not a minimalist, but how can I make my house look less full of things, and still enjoy what I have? Houzz peeps...I will post some pics and maybe get some advice... :) btw the furniture arrangement pics are not current; will post more pics; this just gives a sense of the space and problem...

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